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Self-Reliance Gone Wrong
Marc Hagman
Isaiah 30:1-3, 9-21
Rugged individualism was a hallmark with the founding and growth of our country. This reliance on one’s self allowed for much achievement in a difficult frontier. But there is a dark side to this kind of self-dependence: it can creep into our relationship with God. The Bible is clear that we are to grow and mature in our faith, but we never reach a place where we don’t need Him.

The temptation for all of us is to try and “go it alone” when facing difficult circumstances. The truth is that we are made to need the Lord. And even when His direction seems challenging or unpleasant, as we trust and follow Him, we are taking hold of the life that is truly life.

1) Difficulties either drive us away from God or toward Him — vs1-3

2) Plans minus God equals trouble — vs12-14

3) Most of the time, waiting is incredibly difficult

4) Even in our worst moments, God longs to help us — vs18-21

Personal Application:
• Recognize areas of self-dependence—places we are pushing God out
• Repent
• Expect the Lord to lead & direct

National Application:
• Continue with the 40 Day of Prayer
• With the elections, look to the Lord and invite His miraculous work

1) Are there areas where you have become too self-reliant? Are there circumstances or decisions you are facing that you are avoiding the Lord’s leading? Share some of this with us.
2) What makes it most difficult for you to wait on the Lord (fear, doubt, impatience, etc.)?
3) How is the tenor of the elections effecting you? Are you carrying too much of it on your shoulders? Are you joining the church in the 40 Days of Prayer? 

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