Daily Bible Studies & Sermon Notes

A Life-Giving Heart
Pastor Curt Lueck
Matthew 13:3-9, 18-23;
When Jesus was preparing to leave the planet, He gathered His disciples one last time and told them, “As you go on your way make disciples...” (Mt 28:19). Making disciples in its simplest form means to take what you have received and pass it on to others. Jesus talks about this process in another way, through the parable of the sower. Once explained, this parable became a simple analogy for the condition of the human heart and the ability to receive the truth of God, allowing it to bear fruit in our lives. The parable of the sower is about fruitfulness: receiving life and giving life.

1. The word of the kingdom gives life.
a. The word of the kingdom is simply the gospel of Jesus Christ: God’s plan for redeeming humanity
b. The word of the kingdom comes with power to give life for those who receive it
2. The heart that refuses the word quenches life.
Jesus talks about three kinds of “soils,” conditions of the human heart that do not allow the life-giving power of the word to grow.
a. The hard path represents a heart that is hard toward the word of the kingdom The issue for this heart is unbelief
Unbelief is a choice of the human will, Romans 1:21
b. The rocky places represents a heart that has no strength of conviction
The issue for this heart is being unfaithful
c. The seed among the thorns represents a heart that lacks a priority on spiritual things
The issue for this heart is being unfruitful
3. The heart that receives the word gives life and produces fruit.
a. The good soil represents a heart that receives and nurtures the word of the kingdom
The issue for this heart is understanding
Fruitfulness is an issue of surrender not performance
b. Fruitfulness is measured by the impact of our lives on others
Two areas of fruitfulness: debated one against the other, but they go together
Fruit of the spirit, Galatians 5:22
The fruit of others receiving the life of the kingdom: Reproducing our faith in others
4. The people who live around us need Christians with life-giving hearts.
a. We need to consistently evaluate the condition of our heart
b. We need to give life away 

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