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On Guard
Marc Hagman
2 Peter 1:16-21; 3:17
“On Guard” 2 Peter 1:16-21; 3:17

When facing a threat to our safety, we respond. We jump to action. When we see someone else facing a real threat, most of us don’t stay silent. We do something. We say something. We act to prevent the danger. This isn’t new to our day and age. We are about to read an account where one of the apostles addressed a spiritual threat that was coming into the church. As we look at the way he engaged with his readers, he also reminds us of some timeless truths for our lives.

Read 2 Peter 1:16-21

Paraphrase: “You are not just listening to one person—that is often foolish. You are surrounded by leaders and other believers in the faith. We are in this together and we are seriously following the truth—not things that are posing as the truth or myths that have been made up. What we share with you concerning the Second Coming of the Lord and His personal presence in our lives is based on solid evidence. We have literally seen with our eyes His glory—a moment when, because of His perfection, He could have stepped into heaven without dying—and we have heard God the Father’s direct endorsement of Jesus with our own ears. More so, the Holy Spirit has also confirmed the truth we follow through the Scripture and told of Christ’s coming. We continue to trust the Spirit’s ability to give us more revelation (more light) through the Bible for our path so that we will not stumble or fall. Men have been involved in bringing us God’s Word, but it was through the power of the Holy Spirit and He is the One who unravels, unties and unpacks the Scripture.”

1) Peter affirms the Bible
• The Bible is a reliable collection of historical documents:
- 40 authors (at least)… over 1,500 years… in 3 languages… on 3 continents
- And yet, it is miraculously consistent
• No book has been more validated:
- Over 23,000 archeological digs… names, places and people cited… scrutiny by critics
• The work by scholars is breathtaking:
- Researching… comparing… evaluating… meticulously translating… verifying…
• Compared with other ancient documents:
- If you compare the original manuscripts for the NT with those of other ancient writers, the NT has an overwhelming amount of substantiation, both in:
- The number of originals
- The brief amount of time between the events and the writing being done

2) He identifies the threat
• He doesn’t ignore it – he combats it with the truth
• He doesn’t dance around it – he calls what is false, false
• He engages on the issues
• 1 Timothy 4:16 - “watch your life and doctrine closely… to save both you and your hearers…”

3) He addresses our attitude
• We are to expect problems
• We are to strengthen & refresh ourselves by the presence of the Lord (prayer, worship, etc.)
• We are to fight the right enemy

Application/Action Points:
• Love the Word and expect the Lord to open His Word up to us
• Read and spend time in the Bible
• Discuss it with others
• Memorize it
• Be open to correction

1) What prevents you from spending more time reading the Bible (busyness, doubt, familiarity, etc.)? How can you change that?
2) Do you have a set time to read the Bible each day? If so, when is it? If not, when is the best time to put it in?
3) How much Scripture have you committed to memory? What can you do to start (or re-start) “hiding the Word of God in your heart”? 

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