Daily Bible Studies & Sermon Notes

Marc Hagman
2 Peter 1:8-15
Who of us hasn’t been told to “cherish those special moments”? Most of us have not only heard something like that, we’ve given that exact advice. Why? Because unless we make a concerted effort, time will take from us significant memories and moments we’d rather not forget. But how often do we hear anyone advise us to remember the troubling parts of our past? Those memories we like to cut loose, allowing them to drift on a sea of forgetfulness. But we’re about to see that there is a potential danger in that. Of course the Lord removes the sting and power of our past sins, but does He want us to fully forget them?

2 Peter 1:8-15
• Increasing vs. lacking

• Diligent & practicing

• Know them & established

• Remind & stir up

Let’s consider:
• How did Peter remind those he was writing to?

• What about Peter’s name?

• Why are names important?

• Peter’s encounter in Luke 22.

• What about Paul’s words in Philippians 3:13?
- Galatians 1:13
- 1 Corinthians 6:11; Colossians 3:7

Remembering our past purification:
• Keeps us humble and recognizing our continuing need for the Lord

• Keeps us patient with each other

• Keeps us compassionate with unbelievers

Remembering also positions us to go where the Lord is calling us:
• Builds our faith for the future

• Protects us from pride & temptations

• Protects us from the enemy’s tactics

1) Is your tendency to focus too much or too little on your past purification?
2) How often does the enemy try to shame you with your past sins? How do you respond?
3) How does the Lord remind you of your new identity? Are there specific scriptures He uses? Or are there other ways He encourages you? 

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