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Restoration from Failure
Pastor Scott Dungan
“Restoration from Failure”

Peter’s Story
His Calling
• Chosen to be a disciple: “Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men” (Mt 4:19).
His Character
• Humility: “Go away from me Lord for I am a sinful man” (Lk 5:8).
• Boldness: Walks on water (Mt 14:29).
• Courage: Draws his knife to defend Jesus (Jn 18:10).
His Faith
• Believer: Confesses Jesus to be the Messiah (Mt 16:16).
• Minister: Sent out with the twelve and seventy; ministered with the Lord (Lk 9; 10).
• Revelation: One of the three to witness Jesus’ transfiguration (Mt 17).
• Commitment: Committed to lay down his life for Jesus (Jn 13:37).
His Love for Jesus
• Devoted: He and John were the only disciples to go to Jesus’ trial (Jn 18:15-16).

Peter’s Failure—The Denial (Mk 14:66-72)
1. “You also were with Jesus the Nazarene” (a negative, sarcastic accusation).
• He denied it saying, “I neither know Him nor understand what you are talking about” (avoided the question by claiming ignorance).
2. “This is one of them” (confrontation this time was public).
• Again he denied it (kept denying it; repeatedly denied it).
3. “Surely you are one of them for you are a Galilean too” (group of men).
• He began to curse and swear, “I do not know this man you are talking about.”
- Curse: Peter calls a divine curse upon himself if he is not telling the truth.
- Swear: To declare an oath before God of one’s truthfulness.
4. The rooster crowed and Jesus looked at him; Peter goes out weeping.
• He denied the Lord whom he loved; there was no turning around from this.
• Remember: To throw down, to throw ones thoughts upon it (to think it through).
• Failure: Deep grief.

Peter’s Decision
1. Feelings of failure overwhelmed him, even after seeing Jesus.
• Self evaluation: No longer worthy to be a disciple or minister of the Lord.
2. Decides to go fishing (Jn 21:3).
• A possible decision to go back to his former occupation?
• He did not know what to do (needed food, just waiting around).

Peter’s Restoration & Commissioning (Jn 21:15-17)
1. “Simon do you [sacrificially/devotedly] love Me more than these?”
• More than these “tho all fall away, I will not”; the root is pride.
• I love You with a friendship/affectionate love (no comparison to others).
• Present active command: Tend My lambs – to feed as a herdsman.
2. “Simon do you [sacrificially/devotedly] love Me?” (challenge to Peter’s previous statement).
• I love You with a friendship/affectionate love.
• Present active command: Shepherd My sheep.
3. “Simon do you love Me [affectionately as a friend]?” (uses Peter’s word).
• Peter deeply grieved; “You know all things; You know I [affectionately] love You.”
• Present active command: Feed My sheep.
4. Important Insight.
• Peter denied the Lord three times, but Jesus did not abandon him.
• Jesus sought him out, restored him, commissioned him to be a pastor and care for His people.

Peter’s Transformation
• Imprisoned in Jerusalem for his faith.
• Tradition believes:
- He went to Babylon to Jewish colonists there.
- He went to Rome, was imprisoned for nine months, led his jailers and fellow prisoners to the Lord.
- He was crucified upside down after watching his wife die on a cross.

1. Accept your failure. Set aside your failures.
2. Run to your Savior and allow Him to speak to your heart.
3. Put your hand to the plow. Pursue your calling. Love and serve others.  

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