Daily Bible Studies & Sermon Notes

Starting Before the Start Line
Marc Hagman
1 Peter 5:10b
To one degree or another all of us are learning about the call of God on our lives. For some this is a brand new concept. For others, it is another step down a path that the Lord started long ago. And for still others, it is a time of reawakening something that has been quiet for too long.

Today we will focus on some insights spoken by the Holy Spirit through the apostle Peter. What the Lord wants us to see will encourage us to continue to pursue the Lord in all areas of our lives as we see the amazing way He goes ahead of us and behind us in all that He calls us to.

Understanding grace…

The calls of God…

God’s design for releasing us into our calling:
• Perfects

• Confirms

• Strengthens

• Establishes

Lessons for us to keep in mind:
• Trust the Lord in the process

• It won’t always make sense to us

• Be flexible and courageous

• Expect doubts

• His grace covers us

1) Where are you regarding each of God’s calls on your life (salvation, holiness, ministry)? Are you responding to each one? Which one is the most challenging to trust the Lord for?
2) Have you paused in your call to ministry (due to circumstances, sin or distractions)? How is the Lord re-calling
you? What holds you back? What steps should you take?
3) What truth that we discussed today was most reassuring to you?
4) How does God’s grace and faithfulness impact your confidence? 

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