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The Heart of God for the Young
Pastors Scott Dungan, Andy Murry, Joey Salas
Our Northwest Church Intern Program
The Need: The State of Our Current Young People
• The fatherless & abandoned generation:
- No one is willing to spend time with them, hear them,
accept them, love them and answer their questions.
• The misunderstood generation:
- Deemed as hopeless.
• The distracted generation:
- More than any other generation (media, phones, etc.).
• The unchurched generation:
- Christians are viewed as harsh and narrow-minded.
- The Church is disconnected from the world and its
• The need: love, acceptance, forgiveness, patience and

The Mandate: God’s Heart for Our Young People
Eli & Samuel (1 Samuel 3:1-21)
The Investment of a Mentor: Eli
• Eli provided spiritual discernment and guidance (vs7-8).
• Eli provided a safe place for Samuel to report what he
had heard (vs17-18).

The Fruit of the Young: Samuel
• Samuel became a prophet powerfully used by the Lord;
everyone recognized God’s hand on his life, and every
thing he said came to pass (vs19-21).
• There was revival in the nation of Israel and a return to
the Lord (1Sa 7:3-4).

The Challenge from Eli
We must be a people that help those younger than us grow in their gifting and calling. We must be willing to take time to listen, to coach and to elevate young people as they step into what God has asked them to do.

Moses & Joshua (Exodus 17 & 33)
The Investment of a Mentor: Moses
• Moses sent Joshua out into battle (Ex 17:8-10).
• Moses brought Joshua near into God’s presence (Ex 33:11).

The Fruit of the Young: Joshua
• Joshua was victorious in battle (Ex 17:11).
• Joshua became a lover of God’s presence (Ex 33:11).

The Challenge from Moses
Our young people might fail, but victory awaits them, like Joshua. Our young people may not have experienced the Lord like we have, but they haven’t been brought in and brought near like Moses did with Joshua. We must be a people like Moses that trust young people enough to taste the victory for themselves. We must be willing, like Moses, to invite them into the places we worship - in our church and our secret places.

Barnabas & John Mark
The Person: John Mark
• His Jewish name, Yohanan, means “Yahweh has shone
• Mark, as a Roman citizen, had a Greek name.
• He was a Jew and native of Jerusalem, a believer in
• He was from a wealthy family; his mother was a Christian.
• He was related to Barnabas.
• His home was a meeting place for Christians.
• Peter went to his house when he was set free from prison
by the angel (Ac 12:12).

The Problem (Ac 15:37-39)
• He joins Paul and Barnabas on a mission trip and deserts
them in Pamphylia to go to Jerusalem.
• Paul no longer trusts him and won’t take him along.

The Change (Col 4:10; 2Ti 4:11)
• Barnabas takes Mark along with him.
• He is restored to relationship and ministry with Paul.
• He is a spiritual son and secretary to Peter.
• He is sent out as a missionary to Asia Minor.
• Tradition says he was the first Christian preacher in

The Investment
• Barnabas was able to look beyond Mark’s failures, inse-
curities and spiritual immaturity.
• He invested in Mark and shared ministry with him.
• The result was that he changed and did great things for

The Lesson
• Eli taught Samuel how to listen to and speak for the Lord.
• Moses taught Joshua how to serve and worship the Lord.
• Barnabas taught Mark how to be faithful in serving the

The Conclusion
The Challenge (Mt 28:19-20; 1Th 5:14)
Make the decision to invest in others.
- Go make disciples, teaching them to observe.
- Admonish, encourage, help, be patient with all men.

Love Them Well
Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things, love never fails.

Pass It on, All That You Have
Release them to be all Jesus has made them to be. 

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