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Understanding Your Influence
Pastor Steve McConnell
Philippians 1:21-30
As a believer I find myself floundering at times and really needing to find my way. I’m sure we all completely understand our responsibility and spiritual function as followers of Jesus, but let’s face it, many of us forget the big picture and get stuck in the moment, or stuck on “Me!” Today we are going to learn from Paul and his example of faithful service, and how even in the face of adversity and danger, he fulfilled the call God had on his life.

Paul’s plan was changed more times than it went as he had planned, yet he was able to be flexible because his eyes were on the goal. He kept his eyes on the big picture and knew his place. Because of this he was able to fulfill his role. We each have a role, and when we understand our influence and place in God’s plan, He makes us unstoppable.

Background of Paul’s Situation
• Paul persecuted the Church and was on his way to Damascus when he encountered the Lord and was blinded and converted.
• Paul preached the Gospel and was arrested at the Temple and imprisoned.
• Paul preached and wrote to the churches all while being in jail.
• Paul was shipped off to Rome and should have been killed on the trip.

Examining the Scripture
• Paul’s example of a fully-surrendered life to God (vs21-24).
• Paul begins to understand his sphere of influence in the faith (vs25-26).
• Paul completes the thought by speaking in faith the fruit that will come because of his commitment to the Church and by warning them of the spiritual warfare they will face (vs27-30).

Who Am I Living For? (vs21-24)
1. Evaluate your life and ask yourself the question, “What am I spending most of my time on?”

2. Commit yourself to a schedule of prayer and fasting for a time.

3. Go on a Silent Prayer Retreat and get some real alone time with God.

Who Am I Influencing by My Faith? (vs25-26)

What Can I Expect? (vs27-30)
1. The good:

2. The bad:

You can expect that as you serve God there will be great successes and victories. However, there will be times that it will be difficult, and you will have to press in and make the decision to serve, even though you are tired, just as Paul did.  

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