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Sent Out in Power
Marc & Katrin Hagman
John 4
“Sent Out in Power”
John 4

Have you ever been sent on an errand to get something and in the moment of needing to pay for it you realize you left your wallet (or purse) at home? You reach to get your cash or debit card and it’s not there. Oh no! You have to hand the item back to the cashier while saying, “I’ll be back for this in a little bit.”

Many of us can feel like that in the midst of ministry moments. A person is hurting and needs prayer or we encounter a moment we should speak God’s perspective or pastor someone through a difficulty—and we feel the same awkward, “empty pocket” feeling as we did at the store.

God has designed it so we are fully equipped for every good work. Let’s learn how.

John chapter 4
v2 - Who is baptizing in water?

v4 - “Had to go”

v16 - “Go call your husband”

vs28-29 & vs39-42 - The result

What is the baptism of the Holy Spirit?

Why we need the baptism of the Holy Spirit:

Obstacles to receiving this baptism:

Action steps:
• Recognize our need
• Address any obstacles
• Ask and hunger for more of Him
• Listen, look and step out 

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