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The Pursuit of Transformation
Pastor Joey Salas
Mark 5:1-20; Romans 12:2
“The Pursuit of Transformation”
Mark 5:1-20; Romans 12:2

We are a people of pursuit. Children pursue the freedom and joys of playing. Teenagers pursue the newest iPhone or a dating relationship that will only last for a few months. Young adults pursue a college degree and their dream vocation. Adults pursue happiness, that promotion and much, much more. Over the next three hours we will look at one man who was in pursuit of transformation while he himself was being pursued by the One who has the power to bring about transformation.

The pursuit of the man
Put yourself in this man’s shoes for a second. He was an outcast. His family was ashamed or felt unsafe around him, at the very least. He was physically bound and abused. He was lonely and he lost almost all hope. Yet, there was a moment of hope. In the middle of being trapped and caught up in a spiritual tug-of-war, he let hope rise. And, as he let hope rise in his life, he fixed his eyes on Jesus and pursued Him with all he had left.

The pursuit of Jesus
Jesus had just finished a full day of ministering to His disciples and a crowd at the Sea of Galilee. After that, Jesus hopped into a boat to cross to the other side of this sea, which would have been about a three-mile sail. Then, Jesus and His disciples were caught in a storm in the middle of the night, but Jesus miraculously stilled the storm. But this didn’t stop Jesus. He stilled the storm, quieted His disciples and He kept sailing across the sea. What kept Jesus going? Why didn’t He just turn around, get some rest and set sail for the Decapolis first thing in the morning? Here is why I believe Jesus didn’t quit that night but continued to sail: Jesus received a specific mission from the Father (Jn 5:19), and that mission was to pursue the demoniac.

What motivates the pursuit of Jesus?
• The love of the Father (Jn 3:16)
• Broken relationship between God and man (Ro 5:10)
• The advancement of the Kingdom of God (Lk 4:43)

The pursuit of your transformation
The heroes of faith, whether seen in the Bible or throughout history, at least have this one thing in common: a testimony of how Jesus had transformed their lives. Below are some essentials for personal transformation:
1. Transformation begins with an encounter
2. Daily hunger for your transformation
3. Daily fight for your transformation
4. Daily surrender for your transformation

The purpose of your transformation
This man was transformed from the “Decapolis Demoniac” with absolutely no purpose to the “Decapolis Disciple” with great purpose. The Decapolis Disciple was radically transformed by the love of Jesus, and then he was sent to bring transformation to the world by the commission of Jesus (Mk 5:20; 8:1-3). The aftermath of radical transformation is always a relentless pursuit of the world’s transformation (Ac 2, Ac 3:9-22). Say this with me: “I am continually transformed to continually be a transformer.”  

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