Daily Bible Studies & Sermon Notes

Our Christian Identity
Pastor Scott Dungan
1 Peter 2:4-10
What defines people’s identity?
The personal factor
• Successes, failures, trauma
• Personal attributes, intellect, emotions
• Childhood, upbringing, personality

The people factor
• Acceptance, rejection of others
• Ability to fit in: dress, knowledge, skills

The social factor
• Community, group, roles, work, profession

What does 1 Peter 2:4-10 say about our identity?
(We have Community) Living stones & spiritual house
• Not dead like Old Testament stones; people make a place of worship (it’s where His presence dwells)
• Specifically shaped for one purpose
• Passed over by man; accepted by God

(We have Purpose) Holy & royal priesthood
• Serving God and interceding for others
• Spiritual sacrifices: ministry, worship, prayer
• Special access to God’s presence

(We have Relationship) Chosen race
• Status and privilege (a people joined together)

(We are Distinct) Holy people
• Separated from sin
• Separated for God’s use

(We are Favored) People of God’s own possession
• Objects of special care and blessings

(We are Loved) Have received mercy

Our identity rests completely on what Jesus has done for us, not on our looks, abilities, past or social standing
• He has adopted us as His sons and daughters
• He has forgiven us of our sins and freed us from death
• He has removed the power of sin and broken our rebellion
• He has filled and sealed us with the Holy Spirit and given us obedient hearts that love Him
• He has anointed us for service and allowed us to share in His work
• He has revealed our future inheritance

Our new identity
• We are sons and daughters of the living God
• We are members of God’s family
• We are saints, victorious over sin
• We are anointed ministers of the kingdom
• We are those who will rule & reign with Jesus forever

What hinders our new identity?
• Fear & brokenness
The Scripture says – we are new creatures in Christ Jesus
• Apathy & laziness
The Scripture says – press on to the high calling in Jesus
• Unforgiveness & anger
The Scripture says – don’t let the sun go down on your anger
• Sin & condemnation
The Scripture says – there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus
• Judgments of others
The Scripture says – we have been formed in the womb

How do we keep our new identity?
• Living a lifestyle of continual repentance
• Being filled with the Holy Spirit (Eph 5:18)
• Being led (walking) by the Spirit (Ro 8:14)
• Setting our minds on the things above (Col 3:2)
• Serving others (Gal 5:13) 

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