Daily Bible Studies & Sermon Notes

Doers of the Word
Pastor David Norcross
James 1:22-24
Six months ago I had the opportunity to preach to you. I spoke to you on New Year’s weekend. I challenged you to commit to God to take a step, to go onto the offensive against Satan’s Kingdom. I suggested some steps for you to get started. Today, I would like to revisit that commitment. I would like to give you the opportunity to share a little about a step you have taken or to simply refresh your commitment. Let us first review that sermon and then it will be your turn to share what you and God have done.

Review: Matthew 16:18

Main Point: The church was born for offense.

What steps were offered to take the initiative?

Foundation Steps
• Put your focus on God and on His priorities. (Mt 16:24)
• Reject passivity and take a risk. (Mt 28:19)

Action Steps (some suggestions)
• Pick a ministry and start to help.
• Get free of sinful entanglements and demonic bondage.
• Be baptized with the Holy Spirit.
• Witness and tell others your testimony.
• Start an LTG.
• Tithe.
• Learn what your spiritual gifts are and start to exercise them.

Application: James 1:22-24

Three Simple Rules:
• Speak for 2-3 minutes. (Yes, I will cut you off, but don't take it personally the rule applies to everyone.)
• No “TMI” (too much information). Do not share inappropriate information or tell stories about other people.
• I hold the mic. You can touch it, but you cannot have it.

Your Story – 2 or 3 main points (Remember 2-3 minutes.)

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