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A Vision for Youth
Pastor Steve Schell, Joey Salas, Andy Murry, Scott Dungan
We are beginning the year 2014 with two weeks of fasting and prayer. God has instructed us to re-launch our Children’s Ministry and our Youth Ministries saying that these are central to the revival He is bringing. He is pointing us towards certain portions of our community where people are becoming aware of their need for Him. There are certain groups of people who are looking for more, who are beginning to soften to the thought that God might be the answer they’ve been searching for. It’s called an “awakening,” and it often comes as a result of desperation. The false gods people turn to for help in time fail them, and they begin to open to the real One, the One they subconsciously knew was there all along.

The Lord is showing us that it’s as though there were a “cry” rising up to heaven from parents and teachers from children and youth, longing for God to rescue them from the destructive forces that rage around them. And He’s heard their cry, which is why He’s calling on us to become more aware of their needs, to let compassion arise in our hearts, to become aggressive in our faith, to believe for His will to be done in our community “as it is in heaven” (Mt 6:10).

In obedience to this call, many have been praying and laboring for months to prepare for this new season. Starting last weekend, and now today, we are sharing this vision for parents, children, youth and young adults with the entire congregation so that as a spiritual family we can join with these in:

• Common vision: “We agree, God has said to us these things”
• Common faith: “Together, we are believing God to do a great work”
• Common ministry: “These men and women who God has specifically called to minister to parents, children, youth and young adults serve as our hands and feet, they are the members of our ‘Body’ through whom we are ministering to these.”
• Common fruit: “And by faith we declare together that we will surely receive a harvest of souls and the pleasure of God because we are following after Him together.”

Middle School: The Age of Evangelism
A few statistics about middle schoolers
85% of people first accept Christ within the ages of 4 and 14 years old. Middle School students are amongst this critical age of coming to know Christ.

*At the age of 12, young people celebrate entering adulthood.
*At the age of 13, young people will have decided their religious views for life.

Vision for NWJHiGH
Prophetic verse: “At this, those who heard began to go away one at a time, the older ones first, until ONLY JESUS WAS LEFT, with the woman still standing there.” (Jn 8:9)

How to get invovled
1) Pray, 2) Send your kids to youth group, 3) Serve

High School: The Age of Discipleship
After hearing from our children’s department last week, one thing continues to stand out in my mind: the parents are the primary spiritual leaders for children. The question that I’m wrestling with is: what does that mean for high schoolers?

The 80% drop off: What’s going on and why?
• Faith is not their own.
• Information is passed without understanding.
• Roots haven’t gone deep
• No passing of personal responsibility

The 4-14 window
• NWJHiGH (middle school) is the right place for heavy evangelism.
• High school is the right place for heavy discipleship. Roots need to go deep while our students are in this crucial time in their lives.
- “Train up a child in the way he should go & when he is old he will not depart from it” (Pr 22:6).
- In American culture we have created “the teenage years/adolescence”
- Truths about how teenagers see things
• At 12 years old they are adults in their own minds
• They want to make adult contributions
• They long to be challenged
- Parents are STILL the primary spiritual leader
- Setting the bar high, great expectations will bring great results

What our high school ministry is doing
• The Conversation - real Jesus in the real world
• We are encouraging students to read and study the Word of God for their own lives
- Psalm 1:1-3 - Studying the Word, meditating on the Word, making that a lifestyle, that will lead to being a fruitful tree DEEPLY planted by the river of life.

How can I get involved?
• Pray
- God would continue to work in the community
- Workers for the harvest fields of Federal Way
- Holy Spirit would continue to work powerfully to create soft hearts in our young people
• Be a parent
- It takes time!
- There are so many gaps to be filled
• Be a driver
- We are bussing kids here on Wednesday for youth group & Awana and we need drivers!
• Join us in our future, big visions and dreams
- Tutoring/after school program
- Spring break basketball camp

YOUNG ADULTS: The Age of Equipping
Challenges facing young people outside the church
• Erosion of personal identity & the family structure
• Poverty: crumbling economy & large educational debt
• Job uncertainty, no good jobs available
• Pressure for social conformity; materialism, sex, drugs, alcohol
• No sound moral structure; changing morality

Challenges facing young people inside the church
• The church is isolated, it ignores the world’s poverty and pain
• The Bible seems irrelevant and archaic because it has not been taught in a way they can understand it
• The church and young adult life does not mix (many activities)
• The church has an anti-scientific mind-set
• They feel guilty & condemned over lifestyle choices (partying; sex)
• They believe the church is exclusive – it rejects people who are different than them
• They have doubts, but cant express them or question their faith

What are we doing to counter the challenges the young adults face
• Engaging in Holy Spirit empowered worship; worshipping into the presence
• Releasing prophetic words & personal ministry
• Young adults teaching the Word in an interactive way allowing questions & giving answers
• Participating in outreaches in the community and mission trips
• Drawing young people to have a personal faith in Jesus
• Enabling young men and women to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit
• Ministering healing
• Young ministers are being trained & released into ministry

Vision for ministry – Scripture-based
• Daniel 1:17 – As for these 4 youths, God gave them knowledge and intelligence in every branch of literature and wisdom; Daniel even understood all kinds of visions and dreams
• Acts 2:17 – “‘And it shall be in the last days; God says, that I will pour forth of My Spirit on all mankind; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.’”

How to pray
• For a move of God among the young adults (revival)
• For a love for and an ability to support & pass on ministry to our young adults
• For fruitful ministry
1) How old were you when you first began to ask questions about God? Did you have some one to talk to about these matters? Who was it, and what did they say?
2) Do you agree that there is a growing concern in this community for the future of our children and youth? Do you know parents who are deeply worried?
3) Have you ever seen God dramatically change the heart of a child or a youth or a parent? What part of that person changed the most?


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