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If We Pray
Pastor Frank Greer
As followers of Jesus Christ, we are provided with the potential for immense blessings from God. Because of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection, we have the possibility of the forgiveness of our sins and the promise of eternal life. In addition to this, we have the promise of the Holy Spirit to come and dwell in us, and empower us to live a life that is pleasing to God in this difficult world.

In the Bible, God tells us that we have a vast array of promises and blessings that are ours because we have become His people and are thereby called Children of Promise (Galatians 4:28). One of those blessings He has provided us is the privilege of prayer. We can talk to God and He will talk to us. Prayer is quite possibly the most under-utilized blessing we as believers have. Today we will look at the prayer life of a man who was not perfect, and who did not always make the right choices, yet found that God would answer him if he simply called upon the Lord with a right heart, in a time of need. We will see what can happen “If We Pray.”

1) Prayer with a right heart can give birth to revival (2Ch 29-31).
• The Problem
- They held the Passover at the wrong time (2Ch 30:2).
- Not enough priests were ceremonially clean so the Levites had to help in
things they normally would not do (2Ch 29:34; 30:15-16).
- The people were not clean when they came (2Ch 30:17).
• The Approach
- Hezekiah welcomed the mess.
- Hezekiah prayed for the people (2Ch 30:18-19).
- The Lord healed them.
• The Result
- A revival broke out among the people (2Ch 31)
1. They worshipped and gave offerings.
2. They broke down the idols and the high places.
3. The revival spread throughout both the Northern and Southern
• The Lesson
- We don’t have to have it all together in order for God to work in our lives.
1. With regard to formality and tradition, they did it all wrong.
2. But they came with a right heart.
- God listens when we pray (2Ch 30:20).
1. God answered Hezekiah’s prayer and the revival spread through the
2. God’s answer to our prayer can exceed our expectations and even
surprise us.

Formula: Right Heart + Worship + Word + Prayer = Revival

2) Prayer can bring God’s deliverance from the attack of the enemy (2Ki
18-19; Isa 36-37).
• The Problem
- The enemy comes with the threats and intimidation.
- The enemy always twists the situation to his advantage (2Ki 18:21-22).
1. He says you can’t trust in man.
2. He says you can’t trust in God.
• The Approach
- He did not respond to the enemy’s threats (2Ki 18:36).
- He brought the situation before the Lord (2Ki 19:14).
- He told the Lord about the threat (2Ki 19:15-18).
- He prayed for deliverance (2Ki 18:19).
• The Result:
- Because he prayed, God delivered Israel (2Ki 19:20).
- The king of Assyria never returned to Israel (2Ki 19:32-35).
- He died in the temple of his god at the hands of his own sons.
• The Lesson:
- Even in retreat, the enemy will do his best to threaten us.
- When hard things come, we must lay them before the Lord in prayer.
- Our deliverance is an occasion for God’s glory.
3) Prayer can bring healing and freedom from fear (2Ki 20:1-6).
• The Problem:
- Hezekiah was informed by the prophet Isaiah that he would not recover
from his illness.
- He was told to set his affairs in order.
• The Approach
- He turned towards the wall and prayed.
- Note: This time Hezekiah prayed just for himself.
• The Result
- God answered his prayer.
1. He heard his petition.
2. He saw his tears.
- Isaiah had to return with a new word from God.
1. God gave Hezekiah 15 more years.
• The Lesson
- Our God is our healer.
- Even when there is no hope, there is hope.
- God can change impossible situations if we pray.

The Lord is challenging you and me to make prayer a bigger part of our lives. While we probably all pray at certain times, God is calling us to pray more frequently and about more situations. We have personal situations that need prayer, and we should enlist others to pray with us about those situations. We are not supposed to walk through this life alone.

We are also part of a local church body whom God has called to impact our world, locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. This is why we need to pray for Northwest Church, its congregation, ministries, leaders, and staff. So we are calling upon you, our church family, to commit to pray for one-another every day.

How do we do this?
First, don’t make this into such a big project that you feel overwhelmed before you begin. Start by simply mentioning your family and friends, the church, congregation, ministries, and leaders before the Lord. Then you can branch out to your Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost part of the world.

Example: My Lord, I speak your grace and goodness over my family. Lord I call Pastor Steve’s and Mary’s names before you today. Bless them. I bring my life group before you. Guide and direct us. I speak your protection over our congregation today. Bless all the ministries at Northwest Church, provide for them. Guide their leaders. Bless our city. Move in our city council. Lord, I pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Why do we do this?
We are building a “Prayer Shield” for our church family that will enable us to withstand the attack of the enemy and then infiltrate our society with the goodness of God. We become both the givers of and the recipients of a concert of prayer being offered up all the time. We become a prayer force in the earth that affects the affairs of people everywhere for the sake of the kingdom of God.

Discussion Questions:
1. Will I become a part of the NWC Prayer Shield?
2. What steps will I take to begin?
3. How will I incorporate this into my daily life?

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