Daily Bible Studies & Sermon Notes

Planted for Harvest
Pastor Andy Murry
Jesus has put you where you are with purpose and for a purpose
Matthew 28:18-20

Go and make disciples - Matthew 28:18-20

Spread the seed - Matthew 13:3-8

Let’s talk about figs - Mark 11:12-14, Luke 13:6-9

Fruit doesn’t just happen

Planted with purpose

Philip the Evangelist

Disciples that make disciples - the Father sent Jesus and Jesus sent me!

• Be fruitful where you are, no one else is planted right where you are.
• Be a disciple that makes disciples
• Realize that. God loved the ground (people) that’s around you so much that He planted you!

The Practical
• Get to know your community - Omar and schools, David Casey
• Be a missionary/pastor to your family
• Jump in with us! 

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