Daily Bible Studies & Sermon Notes

Follow Jesus
Pastor Scott Dungan
Luke 9:57-62
Jesus tells His people to
• Believe in Him (Jn 14:1)
• Learn of Him (Jn 6:45)
• Obey Him (Jn 14:23 - keep = obey)
• And follow Him (incorporates the other three)

Following Jesus means
• Follow = more than an intellectual belief
• Follow = more than a relationship with Him
• Follow = to walk the same path He walked
• Doing the same works Jesus did (Jn 14:12)
- The works I do; you will do also...
- Let’s look at three people attempting to follow Him

Background to Text
• Jesus has been rejected by the Samaritans and is walking
to Jerusalem
• He is leaving Galilee behind forever and is going to
Jerusalem to be persecuted and die
• He has three encounters on the way with people
considering traveling with Him

First encounter: I will follow You wherever You go
• An educated religious leader (Mt 8:19)
• The Son of Man has no where to lay His head
- Following = losing one’s comfort & social standing and
facing rejection (teachers were given great respect)
• Jesus is saying: Personal sacrifice is necessary
• Key to following Jesus:
- A follower must be willing to leave the comforts of
life, one’s social standing and be willing to be

Second encounter: Follow Me... permit me to bury my Father... go proclaim the Kingdom
• Note:Burial was a religious duty taking precedence over
everything else (service, circumcision, Passover)
• This person was already a disciple (follower) of Jesus
• He asks to be dismissed until his elderly father dies or to
attend a lengthy funeral service
• Let the dead bury the dead, go proclaim the Kingdom
(spiritually dead - physically dead)
• The training he had received was needed, Jesus’ time was
limited, every remaining day was precious, only a couple
months to the cross (70 sent out ­— Lk 10:1)
• Key to Following Jesus:
- A follower must place priority on Jesus’ work above
everything else, even family

Third encounter: I will follow You, let me say goodbye to my family first
• He is asking to travel home first, polite way of leaving
• No one who looks back is fit for the Kingdom
• This was most likely a disciple who was trying to leave the
Lord because of the mention of persecution
- OR he does not want to leave his family behind
• He started out as a disciple, but is having second
thoughts, he is looking behind, his eyes are off the work
already, he needs to repent and recommit
• Key to Following Jesus:
- A follower must keep his/her focus and not entertain
second thoughts (progress don’t digress)

Concluding Thoughts
• In order to follow Jesus we must
- Allow Jesus to change our status and direction of life
- Stay committed no matter how difficult things get
- Put others before our own needs and desires
• Key Statements
- Following Jesus means He is to be first in your life
above everything else
- Following Jesus means we live to care for others and
allow Him to change the world through us
• Practical Steps in Following Jesus
- Develop deep relationships (ASF, LTG, Life Groups)
- Know the Word (read & study)(sermon notes; LMI)
- Share with and serve others (witness & minister)


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