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Seeking Guidance
Pastor David Norcross
Proverbs 3:5-6, 6:20-23, 11:14
Life requires a lot of decisions. The quality of our decisions has a lot to do with the success or failure of our efforts. We can have the best of intentions, but if we are foolish or misguided, things can turn out radically different than we intended.

Where do we go to get accurate guidance?
God – He provides revelation. He shows us things that no one else can. It could be really big or it could be simple stuff, but it can be very helpful. God wants to provide guidance. We must learn to listen for His voice, pictures, nudges…

Parents – They provide experience steeped in loving concern. They are certainly not perfect and some parents are not worthy of a lot of trust, but most are very concerned for your welfare and will work very hard on your behalf – at no cost! (Look at their lives. Are they doing well? Copy those whose lives are worthy of emulation.)

Counselors (Friends, coworkers, hired consultants of many kinds with expertise in a particular area) These provide a wide range of views so that we can see a more complete picture of our situation. I can only see what I can see. People with expertise look at the same picture I am looking at with a different set of eyes. They know me well (friends), or they know a lot about the subject in question (coworkers and consultants).

What kinds of decisions should I seek out help with?
• Affects my life/family significantly
- Marriage
- Educational track
- Caring for elderly parents, or other needy family members
- Career choice
- Divorce
- Radical shift in life direction
- Local church affiliation
• Many people will be affected
- Governance
- Safety
- Employees
• A lot of money is at stake
- Buying a house or car or something that is a big thing for you.
- Making an investment
- Donating wisely (you can waste a lot of money even with good intent and actually damage the recipients.)

This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but I think this gives us a good start.

Who does the Bible tell us to ask?
Ask God Proverbs 3:5-6
(v5) Trust Him – really do what He says.
(v6) Acknowledge His superior knowledge (you could end up looking really smart)
(v6) He will guide you well.

Ask Parents or Mentors Proverbs 6:20-23
(vs20-21) Listen to their experience. Why repeat the same mistakes?
(v22) Daily practical guidance can save you sleepless nights and guide you even when they are not around.
(v23) Correction and training are the way of LIFE. Example – Jethro and Moses in Exodus 18:13-24.

Ask Counselors Proverbs 11:14
(v14a) Expert guidance saves us from damaging mistakes.
(v14b) Several wise voices aid in making an excellent decision.

Guidance and wisdom are all around us, if we are willing to seek it out and listen when it is offered.

Perhaps today you are facing a big decision. Don’t go it alone. Pray for God’s help, talk to your parents or a mentor, gather some thoughtful friends or other wise counselors and talk it through. Then listen and apply. You may be amazed how good you can be at this once you get in the habit.

Discussion Questions
1) When have you made a rash decision that hurt you or others? What did you learn? (please choose an appropriate story)
2) When have you made a really good decision? Did you seek out help? Who? What did they bring to the process that you didn’t already know?

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