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Acts 10:22-36
Pastor Steve Schell
Sunday: Acts 10:22
v22: The messengers quickly assured him they were bringing an invitation, not an arrest-warrant. They had been sent on this mission by a very godly man: “Cornelius, a centurion, a man who observes the Jewish law and whose faith in God actively governs the way he lives (v2), a man whose reputation for giving gifts to the poor and prayer has spread beyond the Jewish community in Caesarea to include the nation’s spiritual leaders in Jerusalem” (paraphrase). They explained Cornelius sent them because he had received a revelation from God. “A holy angel instructed him to summon you to his house to hear a statement from you.”

Monday: Acts 10:23, 24
v23: Peter must have been standing in the doorway of the house while the three men remained outside the front gate because when he heard their words he called to them to come in, and then Luke says he provided for their room and board. Though they were staying in the home of Simon the Tanner, they were Peter’s quests. Very likely it would have been a financial challenge for his host to feed three more people. The next morning they began their journey to Caesarea, but the church was concerned for his safety and sent six men (Ac 11:12) to accompany him. v24: They arrived in Caesarea about three o’clock the next day (v30), and Cornelius, along with a large gathering of relatives and close friends, was waiting expectantly for them.

Tuesday: Acts 10:25
v25: When Peter met Cornelius face-to-face, Cornelius prostrated himself on the ground in front of Peter. Probably nothing in this story proves the sincerity of Cornelius’ vision more than this amazing act. For a Roman centurion to prostrate himself before a Jew, with family and friends nearby, would have been absolutely unthinkable, unless of course an angel really did instruct him to send for Peter and said Peter would tell him and his loved ones how to have eternal life (Ac 11:14). In that case, Cornelius’ zeal makes perfect sense. By the way, the word Luke uses does not mean Cornelius tried to “worship” Peter, it means he prostrated himself flat on the ground, which is a position a person takes to express total submission and, therefore, when done before God is an expression of worship to Him.

Wednesday: Acts 10:26-28
v26: Still, what Cornelius did looked too much like worship for Peter, so he stooped down and helped him get back on his feet, saying, “Stand up. I myself am also a man.” v27: Then to put to rest any thought that he viewed himself as superior to Cornelius, Peter apparently took him by the arm and the two men walked into the meeting room side-by-side, as friends. v28: There Peter discovered a large group waiting to hear him speak. As he stood in front of this gathering he was very conscious of the fact that this was an awkward situation given the cultural boundaries between Jews and Romans.

Thursday: Acts 10:28-29
vs28-29: He began by explaining why he, a Jew, had been so willing to enter a Gentile’s home. He said, “You are familiar with the fact that we Jews have customs that forbid us to associate with, or even physically get close to, a foreigner, and (yet) God showed me that I am not to call any man common (unwelcome among God’s people) or unclean (unwelcome in God’s presence). Indeed, that’s why I came without asking questions or raising objections when I was summoned. And it’s because I didn’t ask these questions that I need to ask you now, ‘For what reason did you summon me?’” (paraphrase).

Friday: Acts 10:30-33
vs30-33: Cornelius answered him this way, “Four days ago, at this very hour of the day, I was praying in my house at three o’clock in the afternoon, and behold, a man stood in front of me wearing a robe which shone with a brilliant light. And he said to me, ‘Cornelius, your prayer was heard and your gifts to the poor were remembered before God. So send (messengers) to Joppa and summon Simon who is also called Peter. This man is lodged in the house of Simon the Tanner, by the sea.’ So I sent (messengers) to you at once, and you promptly responded to my request and came right away. So now, we are all here, present before God, to hear everything the Lord commanded you to tell us.”

Saturday: Acts 10:34-36
vs34-36: And opening his mouth (stepping out into anointed speech, Mt 13:35) Peter said, “I now truly understand that God is completely just. He does not distinguish between people based on their outward circumstances such as nationality, physical appearance, wealth or social standing. But in every nation anyone who has genuine faith in the true God, and who sincerely tries to obey Him, is accepted by Him. This is the message He was trying to tell our nation through the preaching of Jesus Christ. Jesus told us He came to bring peace between Jew and Gentile, and said He is Lord over all the peoples of the earth, not just Israel” (paraphrase).

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