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Investing for the Kingdom
Pastor Andy Murry
Matthew 25:14-30
God has put us on earth and has given us resources. He’s given us talents, abilities, finances, and He’s given us work to do. We are called to take what we’ve been given in this life and put it to work for the Kingdom of God. We are called to bring God the fruit that our work has produced.

God is asking us to invest what He’s given us. Reality is... it’s not ours to keep! We need to put our talents to work and invest wisely so that the Kingdom of God may be benefited and God’s heart pleased.

What is investing?
So we need to invest, but what do we invest and where? Kingdom of Heaven investing isn’t playing the stock market, but what does it look like practically?

Investing is:
• Seeing the ministries and gifting of God, inviting along, and showing how to walk it out—Elijah and Elisha (1Ki 19:16-20).
• Teaching how to hear God’s voice and what to do about it—Eli and Samuel (1Sa 3:4-10).
• Bringing along with you in ministry and in life­—Paul and Timothy, Titus, Silas (Gal 2:1) (Ac 16:1-3) (Ac 15:40).
• Teaching how to worship and pray—Moses and Joshua (Ex 33:7-11).
• Not giving up on or abandoning—Barnabas and John Mark (Ac 15:37-39).

Investing is not:
• Passing on armor or ways of doing things—Saul and David (1Sa 17:38-39).

Why do we invest?
To bring forth fruit for the Kingdom of God. God has entrusted us with the Gospel, with the growth of the church, and with raising disciples. Only the Holy Spirit can cause growth (1Co 3:7) and produce fruit, but we do have a part to play.

Where do we invest?
We invest in our young people because they are the church, they are the leaders of tomorrow, and because the world is investing in them.

So how do we invest?
• Just like Elisha, the next generation needs mature believers to come along and point out the giftings they see and invite them into ministry.
• Just like Samuel, the next generation needs mature believers to model hearing God’s voice and instruct them on what to do with what He says.
• Just like Timothy, Titus and Silas, the next generation needs mature believers to bring them along as they minister and live out their faith and then check in on them.
• Just like Joshua, the next generation needs mature believers to show them what deeply communing with God looks like.
• Just like John Mark, the next generation needs mature believers to pick them up when they’ve been abandoned and stick by their side, even through failure.

All of these take effort, focus and time.

Proof of investment
How do you know if you’re invested? You care. When you pour into someone or something you will deeply care about the fruit that does (or doesn’t) come.

Let’s invest
What can we invest?
- Money
- Time
- Love
- Prayer
How do we invest in the next generation?
- Missions
- Camp
- Wednesday nights
- Young Life

Now we must ask ourselves
• Are we investing in the next generation?
• If not, what is keeping us from investing what God has given us? • What more is God asking us to give away and invest?

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