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Breaking Out
Pastor Frank Greer
John 5:1-15
It is easy to become established in a routine, place, or situation that may be close to God and His working, but not all God has for us. We are right in the proximity of what God is doing but, we ourselves are not really experiencing it. In other words, we become stuck, stuck in a rut. There are any number of things that can cause this. Such causes as sin, fear, feelings of inadequacy, wounds from the past, wanting to do things our own way instead of allowing God to do something different, can keep us from experiencing a life in which God brings mercy, love, peace, provision, joy, and even the miraculous. Today we will look at an incident in the Bible where Jesus broke into a man’s situation and broke him out of a long-lasting rut that had hindered him from a fruitful life. Let’s see what lessons we can take away from the healing at Bethesda.

About Bethesda
• Bethesda literally means “house of mercy.”
• Bethesda was a place where people could encounter the power of God.
• It was a place of history and long-standing tradition.
• It was a place of hope.
• It was also a place of disappointment.

About the Man
• He was sick for a long time.
• He was looking for God to do a miracle.
• He knew how to get his miracle.
• He had seen others receive their miracle.
• He had an agenda.
-He had become so focused on the pool and waiting that he could not conceive of any other way for him to be healed.
• He knew he needed help.
• He had no one to help him.
• He was stuck.

About Jesus
• Jesus understood the man’s situation.
• Jesus asks him what he wants.
• Jesus gives him what he wants.
• Jesus broke him out of his situation.
• Jesus was not constrained by procedure or tradition.
• Jesus provided an alternative means to help the man along in his pilgrimage.

About the Day
It was the Sabbath and honestly Jesus was always getting in trouble for “violating” the Sabbath. This brings rise to the question, When is it a good day for God to work? Any day but today? The thing about walking with God is that we won’t always proceed according to convention. If we are truly willing to let God direct our lives, then we must be ready for Him to tell us to do things and take us places that we might never normally do or go.

The Problems with Ruts
• They can be deep.
• They are hard to get out of.
• Sometimes the results of getting out of the rut can appear to be worse than the rut itself.
• They can show up in every part of our life.
• Ruts are not always the result of something we have done. They can just happen.
• More often than not, we need help getting out of a rut.

Symptoms of “Rutstuckedness”
• Sin
• Boredom
• Dissatisfaction (always looking for something better but not finding it)
• Stubbornness
• An unwillingness to do things God’s way
• Lukewarm faith
• Inactivity – (laziness?)

What About Us? Are we stuck in a rut?
• Most of us think we know what we need.
• Most of us think we know how God should give us what we need.
• Most of us are not ready for God to do something different.
• New stuff can make a person nervous.

The Question: Are we willing for God to do something different?
• Are we ready for God to break into our lives with something completely unexpected?
• Are we ready to surrender our own terms in order for God to do something on His terms, no matter what that may be?

Steps to allowing God to break us out of our rut
1) Check for ruts – Where has God dealt with you about things in your life and you have not responded to Him?
2) Repent – Repent of anything that you know is not pleasing to Lord.
3) Listen – Start listening on what to do next.
a. The Lord’s voice
b. The Word of God
c. Godly counsel
4) Obey – Do what he tells you, even if it is not the way you would do it, even if you have never done it before.
5) Expect – Be ready to see God work in new and fresh ways in your life.

WARNING!!! Don’t let things from your past life pull you back into the rut Jesus just broke you out of. And remember, we don’t walk this life alone. We walk with the Lord and all those He has placed in our lives… we walk together.

Discussion Questions
1) Have I identified any spiritual ruts in my life that I need breaking out of?
2) What action will I take to seek God’s help?
3) Who will I ask to walk with me through this time of breaking out?


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