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Bringing Freedom
Pastor Frank Greer
Exodus 3:7-4:17
As Christians, you and I have been called to bring freedom to those we encounter in life who don’t know Christ. Whether it is a relative, a colleague, a friend, or even a perfect stranger, God has called us to be his messengers of freedom to the people in this lost and dying world. Yet, we have challenges; in many cases we suffer from a sense of inadequacy that broods over us like a cloud, telling us we are not capable of bringing any kind of hope or freedom to anyone. We doubt we are up to the task. Consequently, we find ourselves looking for reasons that confirm to us our own unsuitableness to walk out God’s calling.

Fortunately, we are not alone. We are actually in good company. Today we will look at a man who encountered God’s call, and who came up with all the appropriate reasons (excuses) as to why he could not fulfill that calling. Let’s see what God did with him and what He will do with us when He calls us into the predicament of bringing freedom.

1. It is God who comes to deliver… we are His representative. (3:7-8)
a. God is the initiator of ministry, not us.
b. Even though we may have tried and failed before, God will still come to us to enlist us in His service.

2. When God calls us, our inability for the task doesn’t matter. (3:10-12)
a. Notice that God invites us to join with Him in what He is doing.
b. In many cases God has been preparing us our whole life for the ministry He sets before us.
c. Look at Moses’ life. He felt like he was disqualified from the task. Sometimes so do we.
i. He was almost murdered at birth.
ii. He was raised in Pharaoh’s court.
iii. He tried to take matters into his own hands and was consequently rejected by both Egypt and Israel.
iv. He learned patience by caring for sheep.
v. He learned to perceive the voice of God.
d. Look at your life.
i. You have more than likely suffered hardship of some kind.
ii. You have had good experiences.
iii. You have had painful experiences.
iv. But everything that is you is something special in the hands of God.

3. “What if” questions don’t work well when negotiating with God. (4:1)
a. Be at ease with the fact that people will always question your validity.
b. There will always be someone to challenge your motives or your stand for Christ.
c. Know the “Whoodies” will find you.

4. God uses what we have, not what we don’t have. (4:2, 17)
a. What is in your hand?

5. God takes the ordinary and transforms it into something special. (4:3-5)
a. He brings power to bear when it is needed.
b. We are to look for the miraculous.
c. We fight unbelief with God’s power, not just words.
d. It is not really dependent upon us to make these things happen.
e. Our job is to be available to Him.

6. God is not really as concerned with our natural abilities (or lack thereof) as we are. (4:10-12)

7. God is patient—to a point. (4:13-14)
a. Moses had just seen the power of God and heard the call of God, yet he still tried to make excuses for not obeying.
b. Even in His anger God provides.
c. Key thought: DON’T MISS OUT!!

8. We typically don’t have to do what God calls us to alone. (4:14-16)
a. We have people who will go with us.
b. Note that God already had Aaron on the way.
c. God will provide people to partner with us in ministry.

Conclusion: In Galatians 5, the apostle Paul tells us that it is for freedom that Christ set us free. He is certainly referring to our own personal freedom as followers of Christ. But freedom is also the very reason that Christ came. He came to “set the captive free,” and He has passed this ministry on to you and me. So, the question is, will you and I respond to His call, or will we, like Moses, make excuses for ourselves? How will you respond? How will I respond? Will we say yes to God and bring freedom to people who so desperately need it?

Discussion Questions:
1. What is God saying to me as a result of this message?
2. Do I need to make decisions about what I must do to walk out my own calling.
3. Will I adjust my life in order to obey Him?
4. What actions will I take in order to fulfill His call on my life? 

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