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The Ananias Way
Steve McConnell
Acts 9:10-19
How many times have you felt the urge that the Lord may have been speaking to you or motivating you to minister, take a new step in life or help someone in need? Many of us have felt these feelings, but have been unsure of whether we should act on them. Today we will see what the Bible teaches us to do, and how we are to respond to them and Him.

In this passage there are two distinctive themes
Saul’s conversion
Ananias’s humble faithfulness

What do we know about Ananias?
Not much: he was not mentioned before or after this in the Bible.
This can lead us to believe he was an ordinary believer!
We can also assume he had a strong relationship with the Lord based on the vision.

Ananias’s perspective leading up to Saul’s visit
Contemplating his future

Ananias’s choice to respond to Jesus in his vision
“Yes Lord”
Challenged the Lord
The Lord acknowledged his understanding (v15 chosen instrument)
Submitted to God and submitted to His way

The Ananias Way
• Ananias was conditioned to hear God’s voice and respond.
• We need to say “Yes Lord” more often.
• We must be willing to move in the gifts just as Ananias did.
• He did this in three simple steps:
1) He Heard
2) He Decided
3) He Acted

What was the result of Ananias’s obedience?
• Saul’s conversion
• Saul’s healing
• Saul’s baptism in the Holy Spirit
• Saul’s baptism in water

How do we condition ourselves to walk in the Ananias way?
• Salvation, baptism, and baptism in the Holy Spirit
• By reading our Bible: reading our Bible forms our understanding of His character. As we read the Bible and understand His character our faith and understanding in Him is built. Once we have these stepping-stones in place we become much more sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit (2Ti 3:16).

Here are a few indicators of hearing the Lord
1) More Loving
2) More Costly
3) More Generous
4) More Patient

• Prayer Life (1Th 5:17)
• Not relying on our own intellect or attributing it to our intellect (Isa 55:8-11 msg.)
• Finally take a chance and step out, be prayerful and biblical, but act: Do Something. The biggest problem in the church is that there is little to no supernatural activity happening. Why? Is it because God has stopped moving? No! It’s because His people aren’t acting!

Why must we condition ourselves to hear as Ananias did? Ananias was an ordinary believer just like you and me. The keys to The Ananias Way are to hear, decide, and act. We have seen the results of Ananias’s obedience and how he was part of the God’s plan even though he was an ordinary believer just like you and me.

Action Steps
1) What was the last thing you heard from God?

2) What you think you need to do about it?

3) When will you do it?  

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