Daily Bible Studies & Sermon Notes

Missing Out
Pastor Frank Greer
2 Kings 5:1-14
When we are born again, we come into a completely new way of life. Everything has changed because of what Christ has done in us and for us. We have been brought out of the kingdom of darkness and into the Kingdom of Heaven. It seems though, that we being human, sometimes forget the far-reaching extent of what becoming a follower of Christ really means. It means everything, and I mean everything has changed. We are no longer subject to the things of this world like we were in the past. We have been delivered from death, Hell, and the grave. We have been stood upon an unshakable foundation that has to do with our relationship to Jesus. But there are things along the way that can cause us to miss out on all that God has for us if we allow them to. Today we will look at a story from the Bible and learn about some perspectives and attitudes NOT to have if we are to see ourselves successful in following Christ. Then we will see what faith can build in us so that we will not miss out on anything that God has for us.

So if you want to miss out on what God has for you:

A) Hold on to bitterness & unforgiveness (vs2-3)
• Comes from hurts and wounds and other valid reasons.
Wounds can destroy the life giving flow.
• Comes when we want to blame God or someone else for something we didn’t expect.
Don’t allow the enemy to rob you of God’s blessing.
• The servant girl, though taken from her home and enslaved, had not allowed this to keep her from caring for her master. Though a victim,
she did not allow herself to have a victim mentality.

B) Allow your circumstances to become bigger to you and more real than GOD (vs1, 4, 8)
• Naaman was a leper. In spite of all his successes and the favor of the king, his focus was on his handicap instead of what he had done
and could do.
• Where is the focus of your life?

C) Hold on to preconceived ideas (v11)
• Such as formalism, not reaching out, doing the same routine over and over.

D) Hold on to a critical spirit (v11)
• Questioning a leader can be done with a right spirit or it can be done with a wrong spirit.
• “Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm.”
• 1Ch 16:22; Ps 105:15

E) Make unwise comparisons (v12; Jn 21:21-22)
• One of the worst things we can do is compare our situation to the situation of others.
• God has a unique plan for each one of us and it will be unlike what anyone else is doing.

F) Do not be obedient to God, His Spirit, and His word (v13)
• Yongi Cho said that his key to success is “I pray and I obey.”
• A word to the wise: Don’t insist on God doing things your way. It really is His way or the highway.

How can we keep from missing out on what God has for us?
1) Listen to Him and His Word.
2) Do what He says.
3) Surround ourselves with people who will speak into our life and listen to them too.

Discussion Questions
1) Are there persons who I am bitter towards or have not forgiven? What will I do about that?
2) Do I readily obey God when He speaks to me? Is there something I should be doing right now that I have not yet done in obedience to Him?

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