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Planting Good Seed
Pastor Frank Greer
In today’s world, it is easy to become isolated from each other. And often, this isolation finds its way into the church as well. The problem is we humans were created to be in relationship with God and with other humans. But it is easy for some members of the church to be overlooked. This can occur for a number of reasons, but frequently it occurs because of a person’s age. Sometimes a person can be overlooked because they are older and sometimes they are overlooked because they are younger

Today we will look at a very important group in the body of Christ that needs people around it for the same reasons we all do. Quite honestly, the odds are against them in today’s society and world. So, we must understand what the Bible tells us about how we can be a part of the solution instead of the problem. The Bible says, “Train up a child in the way which he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Pr 22:6). The question is, “Who is supposed to do this? Dads? Moms? Grandparents?” Yes! Immediate family always has primary responsibility in raising children. But in addition to this, it is the community of faith who rallies around the family to assist them in this monumental task. Our kids need more than just the voices of their parents saying, “This is the way you need to go.” They need a chorus of voices speaking the truth of God into them. The responsibility of communicating these truths to them also falls to you and me as members of the body of Christ. Of course the question is, “Why? Why is this so important?” Because, according to George Barna, “a child’s moral development is set by the age of nine.” So, it is no wonder that Pastor Steve refers to children as the softest soil in the church where the seed of the Gospel can be planted. So let’s take a good look at our kids and what the Bible tells us about them and our responsibility towards them.

Why are our children so important in the scope of the Kingdom of God?
• Because their minds, hearts and souls are the battlefront of our war with Satan.
- We must recognize where the battlefront actually is.
- We must control the battlefront.
• If we effectively teach God’s principles and expectations to our children, then there will be no need for a “culture war”. The culture will be reshaped from within.

How important are Children from a biblical perspective?
• Solomon calls them a gift from God (Ps 127:3-5).
• Adults receive special blessings through their children (Dt 28:2,4,11).
• Children are so valuable to God that He commands us to protect them (1Sa 20:42).
• Jesus refers to them as key examples of what it means to be greatest in the kingdom of God (Mt 18:1-6).
• Jesus demands they be given access to Him. (Mt 19:13-15; Mk 10:13-16; Lk 18:15-17).

What do children need?
• Human development is a combination of growth in 5 major life dimensions: Moral, spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual.
• The basis of all these is one’s spiritual foundation.
• “The end result is that a person’s moral foundation is either based on Christian spirituality or worldliness (paganism).” Barna
Influential Agents
• No one grows up in a vacuum.
• Remember the battle.
• Whether we like it or not, whether it is politically correct or not, people either serve God or Satan. There is no middle ground.
• Today we and our children are bombarded by a multitude of influencers that move us away from rather than towards God.
- The top influencers in a child’s life are media, schools, friends, family.
- One of the current lowest influencers of children is the church.
• Children need influencers that bring them closer to God.
A Biblical Worldview
• Children need to be able to interpret and respond to reality in a way that is in line with God’s ways as seen in the Bible.
• A worldview will be formed. It occurs in every human being. And that worldview will influence their decision making processes for the rest of their lives.

What part does the church play in helping parents raise their children?
The Church:
• Provides Christian education and instruction.
- Children need to be taught how to think and act in relation to God (Dt 4:9; 6:1-7; 31:12-13).
- To have a fruitful relationship with God, children must be taught to obey Him (Pr 19:26-27).
• Provides support to parents as they endeavor to raise their children for Christ.
- This can include teaching and training on child rearing according to Christian principles.
• Provides opportunities for children to experience the reality of the power of God in their lives.
- Children’s Church
- Camps
- Special events
- Experiencing Holy Spirit Baptism, Water Baptism, Healing prayer
- These all happen in children’s lives because loving, caring people, older than them, invest in their futures.

What can I do?
• Pray for our children, the ministry, and the workers.
• Make yourself aware of the needs in the department.
• Be a part of the community that helps raise our kids for Christ.
- Volunteer to help in our Children’s Ministry.
a) We need teachers.
b) We need worship leaders.
c) We need helpers. These are people who will just give their time to be with and love on the kids.
d) We need prayer warriors.
e) We need grandmas to rock newborn babies.
f) Most importantly, WE NEED MEN!!!!
- God needs men to be tangible father-figures and friends to the fatherless.

Our goal at Northwest Church is make our Children’s Ministry the most effective it can be. We hope to do this by putting together that chorus of voices needed to speak the truth of God into our lives. We extend a call to various ministries existing within the church to prayerfully consider giving a weekend a month to the Children’s Ministry as a group. We extend this opportunity to Life Groups, Men’s and Women’s Ministry, Bible Study Groups, Middle School, High School, and Young Adults. You have a mission… should you accept the challenge. The rewards are great and the stakes are extremely high. Let’s influence our world for good by raising up a new generation of disciples wholly committed to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Discussion Questions
1) What is my perspective regarding the children that are in our Northwest Church family?
2) If I were to respond to the call of the Lord to invest in our children what would that look like?
3) What will I do with what I now know?

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