Daily Bible Studies & Sermon Notes

Tearing Down Strongholds
Pastor Curt Lueck
After crossing the Jordan into the promised land, the Israelites faced their first challenge: the stronghold of Jericho. It was the most fortified city in the land. They had never come against anything like it during their forty years in the wilderness. They weren’t prepared to handle it on their own. That’s when God showed up and suddenly everything was different!
All of us face strongholds that prevent us from being and doing all that God intends. How do we handle these barriers that keep us from truly possessing all that God has promised for us? Our choice is to settle in and learn to live with it or learn how to apply the supernatural power of God that is available to all who are disciples of Jesus (Ephesians 1:19). The victory at Jericho provides some crucial insight into our need for the miraculous, supernatural power of God for tearing down the strongholds that prevent us from moving forward with Him.
1. Facing the Stronghold
a. Sent spies
b. Understood the stronghold
c. Did Joshua have a plan?
2. Changing Your Perception
a. God shows up, 5:13,15
b. Whose side: No (neither) but I have now come, 5:14
c. See the victory, 6:2
3. Walking Obediently in Faith
a. God’s plan resembles a victory march rather than a battle plan
b. The shout of proclamation: declaring what God has accomplished
c. A truly supernatural event
4. Seeking supernatural solutions for breaking down strongholds, 2Co 10:3-5
a. Recognize who is in command
b. See the victory God has won for you: this we see by faith
c. Be obedient: walk in victory before your enemies
5. What will you do?
Discussion Questions: 1) Describe a stronghold that you have faced: How did you recognize it? How was it overcome? 2) What do you think is the evidence of the power of God working through the life of an individual? Through a local church? 3) What will you do to increase the power of God in your life?

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