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Our Risen King
Pastor Steve Schell
Psalm 2
Because you and I are constantly in need of forgiveness, we spend much of our time reflecting on Jesus’ sufferings. How grateful we are that He died for us and took our judgment upon Himself. We are no longer under God’s wrath and His love has been poured out on us without measure, all because of the cross. So yes, we return to the cross over and over again with a thankfulness beyond words. But today, this resurrection day, is a day to lift our eyes beyond the cross to behold Jesus in His resurrected glory, seated in heaven at the Father’s right hand, in other words, to see Him as He is now! He was the “suffering servant” who bore our grief, sorrow, sin and sickness (Is 53:4, 5). He was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief (Is 53:3), but not anymore. In one glorious instant He moved from being God’s Lamb to being God’s Lion. In the wink of an eye all authority in heaven and earth was given to Him (Mt 28:18).

And you and I need to see Him in His present power. It’s as important as remembering His sufferings. Not only is it important for believers to see Him on His throne as our King, but it’s equally important, maybe more so, for those who have not yet bowed their knee. They, too, need to see Him as He is now because someday He will be their King whether they know it yet or not.

Today the psalmist will warn us all to “kiss the Son” so we won’t perish. He lets us glimpse that moment He comes to rule the earth. At present we are in a season of grace while God is gathering to Himself all who are willing to bow their knee to His Son, but this grace won’t last forever (Lk 4:17-21; Isa 61:1, 2). It will end very suddenly when the Son returns with an army of angels and resurrected believers. With a word He will demolish a huge military force sent to destroy Israel, and then He’ll rule this planet for a thousand years… and then He’ll sit in judgment of all humanity. Never again will He be mocked. Never again will He be blasphemed. Never again will He be ignored. We all need to know that.

Paul’s sermon (Ac 13:13-16; 23-40)
Luke has given us an example of how Paul preached when he would arrive at a city and speak in its synagogue. In this sermon we hear him briefly review the history of how Israel became a nation, and then he reminds them of the promise that God made to David that one of his descendants would be their Savior, and then Paul explained that Jesus is the Savior God promised. He tells them how He suffered and died, but then he takes them to Psalm 2 and says it describes the moment of Jesus’ resurrection. He says in that moment the Father “begot” Him as the Lord of a new creation (2Co 5:17). Jesus stepped out of one role and into another. The earth was given to Him as His inheritance, and in the future He will rule the earth in power (Ac 17:30, 31). In fact, it is His now.

Psalm 2
What a remarkable psalm. In it we hear the Holy Spirit, the Father and the Son all speaking. It describes the moment when the Messianic King begins His reign. We hear Him declare a promise the Father made to Him that He would put all things in subjection under His feet (1Co 15:27; Ps 8:6). Paul says verse 7 describes the instant Jesus ceased to be the suffering servant and became the King. The psalm goes on to show us Jesus’ authority during the Millennium.
The psalm shows us these things to warn us how foolish it is to refuse to surrender to God’s resurrected Son. In verse 12, in the original Hebrew, it says “kiss the Son lest He be angry and you perish in the way, for His anger is kindled quickly,” and then it adds, “Blessed are all who seek refuge in Him.”

The glorious King
Seeing Jesus in His glory and understanding where this planet is headed is essential for believers (Ps 110). We can’t be effective servants if we don’t realize what has been given to us. Here’s our reality:
1) Jesus is seated at the Father’s right hand (Ps 110:1)
2) All the universe is being brought into submission to Him (1Co 15:24-28).
3) During this season of grace God calls all people to voluntarily bow their knee to His Son. At His return the rebellious will be forced to submit (Lk 4:17-21; Isa 61:1, 2).
4) All authority has been given to Him now (Mt 28:18). This is why we pray in His name.
5) We have already been given a foretaste of the powers of the age to come by the Holy Spirit (Heb 6:5).
6) All things belong to us because we belong to Jesus (1Co 3:21-23). There is nothing God has withheld from us.
7) We are already adopted children of God, but we won’t look like it until we are resurrected (1Jn 3:2).
8) Jesus’ resurrection has shown us what will happen to us someday (1Co 15:20-23).

But seeing His glory and understanding the future is also essential for unbelievers so no one will mistake this season of God’s kindness and assume it will go on forever; so no one will interpret God’s patience toward the rebellion and blaspheme that’s going on around us as tolerance. Everyone needs to know that just as surely as Jesus came the first time, He will come again. To make good decisions about how we’ll live our lives we need to know that:
“God highly exalted Him and bestowed on Him the name which is above every name, so that at the name of Jesus every knee will bow, of those who are in heaven and on the earth and under the earth, and that every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father” (Php 2:9-11).

Pick one of the eight “realities” listed above and tell us why it’s important to you today.

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