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Making Room
Steve McConnell
Why has God made you? Many of us ask ourselves these questions often, I do. God what’s my purpose? Why am I here and what am I to do with my life? Just a few weeks ago Dylan, my son, and I were taking down the Christmas lights on our house and he said, “Dad why did God make us?” I stood there and thought wow, now that’s a great question.

I told him God made us to be in relationship with Him. Then He made others so we could be in relationship with one another. A long answer short: He made us for relationship. Relationships can be difficult and very challenging. Some may take a long commitment and may involve longsuffering, while others may just flourish and take a minimal amount of effort.

The story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37)

Preparing for the Sacrifice
The Characters:
• Religious leaders (Priest and Levite)
• Samaritan

The Choice: Recognizing that it is easy to respond as the priest or Levite. The choice to respond like the Good Samaritan is harder.

Loving your neighbor: it will always take some kind of sacrifice.

Jesus points out two kinds of people. Those who know the Law and people who choose to live the Law by their lifestyle and conduct.

In order to be a Good Samaritan in someone’s life you are going to have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

The Sacrifice
Some common sacrifices as a Good Samaritan:
• Resources (financial/time/emotionally)
• Cross-Cultural boundaries
• Pride
• Personal offenses

The end of the story is missing for a reason. Your sacrifice (investment) may yield high or low results.

Take time to search your intentions for the role of the Good Samaritan. The Good Samaritan is not concerned about how good their sacrifice will look to others.

There is something that I have observed in my own heart and have observed in others. When we harden our hearts toward God’s people and allow bitterness to take root, it always affects our relationship with God. We begin to become these elite Christians (like the religious leaders) and we know best because we think we are closer to God. But what we may consider doing is walking the walk and talking the talk like the Samaritan did. Are we choosing to be hearers or doers?

Matthew 25:31-40


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