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Working the Relationship
Steve McConnell
From the time I was a child I was taught to be strong and to face my challenges head on. To use my stubbornness to break through boundaries and to push through obstacles that I would face during my lifetime. This is what might be considered a successful attitude. Today we are going to find out what God is asking of us and how He wants us to respond to challenges and adversity in our lives.

Psalm 1:1-6

So now that you have heard this story, maybe it reminds you of your own challenges. What are the challenges you face?



Hearing Him...
James 1:5-6
We must first Hear from the Holy Spirit for our lives. Some of the ways we do this are:
• Reading our bible
• Praying
• Journaling
• Music(Worship)
• Activity

For some of us we have to find that place or thing where we can let our guard down and go “soft” before him. We have to make room for Him to speak with us, and once we allow Him to start speaking we must trust Him with our lives. Let me remind you that this is giving Him Lordship over our lives.

What do you do to get yourself in that place where you can hear from the Lord?



Here are a few ways that the enemy would like to distract you from hearing God:

Some Tricks of the Enemy:
• Convince you that the Lord doesn’t want to talk to you or you can’t hear Him. WITHOUT AN ACTIVE RELATIONSHIP WITH THE LORD YOU WILL NEVER LAST. OUR RELATIONSHIP CANNOT BE ONE-SIDED. IT MUST BE AN ACTIVE INTERACTION WITH BOTH GOD AND YOU PARTICIPATING.Whatever the Lord tells you will line up with the word of God. Don’t use this as a time to use God to fulfill your own selfish ambition.
• We take on our own problems and solve them ourselves. A situation comes up and we aggressively go after it, and done - it’s fixed! What I have found is that if I first ask the Lord what He wants me to do, He may have a different plan than what my efficient American mind came up with. And a lot of time His plan tends to benefit me and those involved, much, much more.

Trust and Obey Him...
Genesis 22:7-13
I have found that trusting the Lord works. When the Holy Spirit speaks, He wants us to take action.

What areas do you need to focus on trusting/obeying the Lord more?



Daniel 6:26-28
I view my relationship with God a lot like a continuous cycle. First He speaks. Then I listen and step out in faith concerning a particular area in my life. Then He answers and fulfills what He said He would do, or does something above and beyond what I expected. When we look at this cycle let us see who owns the majority of the responsibility. Well of course it’s the Lord. What I have found is that as we step out in our faith more we find that He is trustworthy and we give Him more room in our lives to move and reign. As He reigns in other areas of our lives we find that, coupled with our daily devotionals, we are transformed. I have found that God wants this cycle rate to run at a high speed, but I’m the one who tends to slow it down.

We all have our own issues that keep us from stepping into the fullness that the Lord has for us, but God has the same plan for each one of us. That is, to be in relationship with Him. He has designed us all the same way for the same purpose. It is our responsibility to reach out and contend to hear the Holy Spirit, and then to be a people who fight for our faith and take hold of the blessings that God has set before us. The enemy wishes to destroy each of us and we must not allow him to pull us from how God wants to plant us, feed us, and make our life fruitful and prosperous.

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