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The Hope of Glory
Pastor David Norcross
Colossians 1:27
This sermon began with a little nudge from God. I was on vacation reading book one morning. And I heard, in my spirit, “Christ in you the hope of glory.” Then over the course of a month that phrase just kept coming back to me, “Christ in you the hope of glory.”

I believe the Holy Spirit has been so insistent that I teach this because too often our Christianity boils down to keeping rules—or religious activity. “If I can just manage to obey a little better God will do something nice for me.” God’s plan and purpose for us is much greater. You and I are destined for glory, not just seeing it from afar, but feeling it, enjoying Him and eventually being set right forever. But while we remain here on earth, we also have a responsibility to the unsaved. They are dependent on us to introduce them to His glorious presence. They are not looking for a new set of rules, but they will be drawn by His presence and power.

Read Colossians 1:25-27 

What is glory?
OT: Kabod  NT: Doxa

Substance, Weight, Honor, Reputation—the inherent wonderfulness of God or even us when we properly reflect the image of God.

Why did we lose the glory God intended for us to reflect? (Ge 2:16-17; 3:1-7)
• Adam was to God like the moon is to the sun. Adam’s glory was God’s glory reflected. He was made in God’s image, he was a mirror and as soon as he turned his mirror away from the source of glory, he was naked, and lacking. 

• Life on earth is not what it was designed to be—and somehow we all know it. Life here lacks substance, purpose and meaning. We try to fill it with all sorts of things: pleasure, power, money, reputation… something to fill our lives. But Scripture declares outside of a restored relationship with God that reflects His glory we are doomed to frustration (Ro 3:23  “…for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”). After the Fall we are no longer “in His image” and a true reflection of His glory.

How do we restore the glory?
• Repent, become a Christ follower and set your mind on walking with Him. Turn from other hopes. (Acts 2:38)  

• Remain in Christ all your life (Col 1:27). Paul is looking to our future, to the resurrection and the restoration of all things. But the Kingdom of God is not limited to the future, it is present now.

How do we experience His glory on earth right now? 
• Worship (Psa 22:3)
- In worship we are to meet with Him, get “in the Spirit” and commune. This is a tangible feeling. Sometimes this is harder than at other times. Sometimes I don’t get there at all. But being with Him is critical and ultimately the point and purpose of worship. 

- Levels of intimacy
1. Singing songs
2. Worship
3. Anointed worship
4. “Overcome” worship

- It is a powerful witness to the unsaved. When God shows up people can feel it. They want to be there in that glory, that presence. People who are looking for God and not just looking for a soundly reasoned argument for His existence. They need Him.

- Our responsibility to God and to the lost is to labor in worship. So, He might be not merely taught about at church, but experienced.

- Worship is to be a lifestyle, not an event. How I conduct my life, how I pray and the holiness I seek to live out daily either sets me up for getting into His presence or an ongoing hardening of my heart keeps me from Him as I resist His calls to obedience.  

• Baptism of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:5, 8)
- Jesus promised a “paraclete” (Jn 16:7) 
- Jesus promised power to serve (Acts 1:8) 
- Being regularly filled with the Spirit and remaining sensitive to Him. (Eph 5:18, 19)
- Trusting Jesus through my final breath. Our hope is not only for this life, but for a total restoration in heaven. (Mt 25)

Conclusion: Life is hard and the world is messed up. But Jesus is our hope for glory, for complete restoration. We must discipline ourselves, train ourselves to turn to the Holy Spirit to seek our comfort and glory in Him. This is why we go to church weekly to be encouraged and refreshed and trained. Commit to learn to be a worshiper, receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, be filled with the Spirit again and again, trust Jesus to end of your life, and many people who would never have found Him otherwise will thank you. 

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