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Don‘t Have a Troubled Heart
Pastor Frank Greer
John 14:1-27
It would be an understatement to say that we live in troubled times. Lately our nation has moved from one disaster to another. Troubles around the world seem to be escalating, moving towards some kind of climax. The apostles themselves looked towards their future with many questions, not being sure of what awaited them. In this environment, the words of Jesus come to encourage and to challenge us. He tells us, “Let not your hearts be troubled.” What are those things that trouble us”terrorism, economy, relationships, sickness? How do we not have a troubled heart?
Today we will look at some of the things that could typically trouble us in today’s world. Then we will look at what Jesus tells us regarding these issues and how we can untrouble our hearts as we follow Christ.
What are we typically troubled about?
1. What happens after this life? (v 1-6)
2. What is God really like? (v 7-11)
- Does he really even like me?
3. Does following Christ really work? (v 12-14)
4. Am I pleasing to God? (v 15.)
5. How do I make it through this life. (v 16-27)

First, find comfort in the fact that death is the inevitable road to go and be with HIM.
1. God will take us from this earth so that we can be with him.
2. We know the way, we just don’t like to talk about it.
3. The bottom line is, “We gotta die to get there.”

Second, if we want to know what God is like, what he thinks about us, we have to look at Jesus.
1. God really does look like Jesus. Like Father Like Son.
2. He wants us to look like Him too. (2 Corinthians 3:18)
3. Just God molded Adam from a lump of clay, we too must become clay in the hands of the master potter.
4. The bottom line is, “We gotta die to get there.”

Third, if we start to look like Him, we will start to do what he does.
1. Jesus gave himself to the Father completely.
- He didn’t even talk on his own initiative.
2. When people looked at Jesus, they saw the Father more than Jesus.
3. If they can see Jesus more than us then we will do what he does and ask him anything.
4. But, the bottom line is “We gotta die to get there.”

Fourth, (this is great) before we go live with God, He comes and lives with us.
1. He gives us the gift of the Holy Spirit, the Paracletos.
a. Helper who is with you forever.
b. Spirit of Truth.
c. The One who Abides with you.
d. The One who teaches you all things.
e. The One who brings to our remembrance all that Jesus said to us.
2. He does not leave us as orphans.
3. He draws us into His union with the Father.
4. He gives us His peace so that our hearts won’t be troubled
5. But, the bottom line is - you know it by now.

The Promises
1. Jesus is preparing a place for us in Heaven. John 14:2
2. Jesus has shown us the only way to Heaven. John 14:6.
3. Jesus has shown us exactly what God is like. John 14:9.
4. Jesus shows us how the Father works. John 14:10-11.
5. Jesus shows us how we will work. John 14:12-14.
6. Jesus does not desert us. John 14:16-18.
7. Jesus provides us the comforter, the Holy Spirit.
8. Jesus promises His peace to us. John 14:27.

Discussion Questions:
1. What does it mean to die with dignity?
2. What is the Holy Spirit speaking to you about that you must die to in order to get the place God wants you to be?


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