Daily Bible Studies & Sermon Notes

Romans 6:7-14
Pastor Steve Schell
Sunday: Romans 6:7
v7: This verse literally reads: “…for the one having died has been justified from sin.” It does not say “freed from sin,” it says “justified from sin,” and the difference is significant. Death brings justification because death is the just punishment for sin, and then it is justification that brings freedom. My moral guilt is gone so sin’s right to enslave me is gone. Apparently, when sin occurs there is a transfer of authority. By sinning I become the slave of sin. By my disobedience I hand over the legal right to dominate me and, in time, for death to seize me. This is true of my body as well as my spirit which is why Paul emphasizes that Jesus’ cross justifies both spirit and body.

Monday: Romans 6:7
v7 (continued): Jesus did not merely die for me, I died with Him, and in the spiritual world that death is considered as though it were a literal, physical death. In dying with Christ I have been fully punished for my sins. A person can only die once for their sins and I have died with Him, so all moral judgments against me have been satisfied. This includes the demands of justice in God’s heavenly court. I am justified, and in being justified I am not only forgiven, but also set free from the sin to which I’d become enslaved. This means my body, though still rebellious, is able to obey my renewed spirit.

Tuesday: Romans 6:8
v8: When we are joined to Christ by faith we not only share in His death but we also share in His resurrection. It’s hard to overstate how strongly Paul sees the spiritual union which is formed between Jesus and those who believe in Him. It’s as though Jesus carries us with Him to the cross and then into the grave and death itself. But this vital union doesn’t end there. He also carries us with Him out of the grip of death and into glorious resurrection. Nor is He now alone at the right hand of the Father in heaven (Eph 2:5, 6; Heb 1:13; 10: 11-13). We are there with Him, and in God’s mind this union with Christ is already an accomplished fact which is why He is willing to give us the blessings of our new position now. Since Jesus is resurrected and standing in heaven, so are we, now, not simply someday in the future. Though our bodies are not yet redeemed and are still rebellious and dying, our spirits are fully joined to Jesus who is joined to the Father who is the Source of all life.

Wednesday: Romans 6:9, 10
v9: At the moment He was resurrected death completely lost its hold on Jesus. He burst out of the grave never to die again. Death no longer has any power over Him, or over those united to Him by faith. v10: On the cross Jesus died because He was physically and spiritually united to our sin. He bore our moral guilt as if He Himself had committed it. But three days later He was resurrected when His body was united to God. He instantly came alive and ongoingly lives united with God and will do so forever. He has entered a permanent state of life and we have entered it with Him. Surely when Paul says, “He lives to God” he includes every aspect of life associated with Jesus in His exalted position: relationship with the Father, the vitality of eternal life within and the enveloping presence of the Holy Spirit.

Thursday: Romans 6:11, 12
v11: Paul wants us to calculate our potential for living victorious lives based on the resources we’ve received because we are spiritually joined to Jesus. We must re-orient our minds to think of ourselves as no longer slaves to our bodies, but rather as joined to Jesus who is Himself joined to God the Father. The spiritual life and power that is in Jesus is now, by the Holy Spirit, in us. v12: Paul encourages us to choose to employ these spiritual resources when our sinful body tries to take control, using its lusts to pressure us to sin.

Friday: Romans 6:13
v13: Speaking to our renewed spirit, which wants to obey God, Paul tells us to take control over whatever part of our body is tempting us to disobey. In doing so he employs a very interesting word, “hopla,” which is the Greek word for weapons or tools. To put this in perspective a “hoplite” was a heavily armed foot soldier who fought in close rank with body armor, shield and spear (Victor Davis Hanson, A War Like No Other, Random House, 2005, p.316). He tells believers to not present the members of their bodies to the old Adamic sin still resident in their flesh. There is a battle going on within believers between obedience and rebellion and we have a choice whether to allow our bodies to fight on the side of sin or of God. In his next statement he tells us to present ourselves to God, remembering that we have the resurrection life of Jesus constantly available to us. Please notice, his words indicate that we must make decisions about how the members of our bodies will be used, and that we are able to command our bodies to serve God.

Saturday: Romans 6:13, 14
v13 (continued): Paul wants us to refuse to yield to the temptations that arise from the flesh of our body, instead allowing our spirit to govern over our body so it can be used as a weapon in the service of God. His words paint a picture in which sin or our own spirit takes hold of our body and uses it as a weapon in this war. v14: He concludes this thought with a summary: “For sin shall not lord it over you for you are not under Law but under grace” (literal). The only reason we can have freedom from sin is because we are under grace. Our sin is covered over by what Jesus has done for us, so God no longer sees it. Now He sees us as righteous and is able to give us the spiritual power we need to free ourselves from the sin that still resides in the flesh of our rebellious bodies. If the Law of Moses still acted as our judge we would be again found guilty and cease to be under grace. And apart from God’s grace He couldn’t give us Jesus’ resurrection power, the power of the Holy Spirit (Ro 8:11), and without that power we would be quickly re-enslaved and fall back under condemnation. Not only is the Law of Moses unable to save us, but we must completely escape its judgments in order to have the power to live righteous lives.

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