Daily Bible Studies & Sermon Notes

Romans 5:16-20
Pastor Steve Schell
Sunday: Romans 5:16, 17
vs16-17: In Adam’s case one offense produced many more which enabled death to completely dominate all his spiritual descendants. But in Christ’s case one righteous act resulted in the justification of many offenses making it possible for God to give an abundance of grace to all those who believe in Jesus Christ and therefore become His spiritual descendants. Because of their faith these receive righteousness as a “free gift.” In spite of the fact that they sin and deserve to be found guilty they will be found innocent on the day when they are judged in God’s court. And death will no longer be able to hold them in its power. Because they have been spiritually joined to the One who escaped death, they too will escape death and will reign with Him in the future Messianic Age (Ro 8:17-21; Col 3:4; 2Ti 2:12; Rev 20:6).

Monday: Romans 5:18
v18: One act of deliberate rebellion by Adam brought condemnation and death to the entire human race. One righteous act by Jesus (the cross) provided the justification necessary for all humans to experience resurrection life. Adam’s sin automatically passed on to every one of his descendants a broken relationship with God and a rebellious, independent, self-oriented nature. However, Jesus’ one righteous act is unlike Adam’s in that it does not automatically and universally effect all humans. What Adam did seems to be passed on “genetically” to his physical descendants, but believers are not Jesus’ physical descendants. In order to receive the benefits of His ministry we must become His spiritual descendants by faith.

Tuesday: Romans 5:18
v18 (continued): Though Jesus’ death made justification available to all humans, only those with faith realize the benefits of His death. Yet surprisingly it appears that His resurrection does automatically and universally benefit all humans because the Bible clearly states that sooner or later all humans will be resurrected. This is true for the righteous and the unrighteous. When Christ rose from the dead He carried with Him all humanity (1Co 15:20-26). The power of death lost its hold on everyone both good and bad. This does not mean the unrighteous are saved, it just means they will be resurrected. When the righteous rise they enter into a new dimension of eternal fellowship with God, but the unrighteous will rise only to be judged and then exist in eternal separation (Mt 24:46; Jn 5:25-29; Ac 24:15; Rev 20:4-6, 11-15).

Wednesday: Romans 5:19
v19: So Adam is proof that one action by one man can spiritually impact the entire human race. In his case his disobedience transmitted a sinful nature to all his descendants (“the many”) which resulted in death. But God found a way for one action by one man to rescue Adam’s descendants. One obedient act (the cross) by one uniquely qualified man (Jesus) allowed God to resurrect the dead and forgive those who receive His gift by faith.

Thursday: Romans 5:19
v19 (continued): Here’s an important distinction to keep in mind: God does not hold us morally responsible for the sins Adam committed, but as his physical descendants we have inherited from our forefather a separation from the intimate presence of God in which we were originally intended to live (Ge 3) and an innate tendency to be selfish and rebellious. In time each of us commits our own sins which bring us under judgment and eventually death.

Friday: Romans 5:20
v20: Human guilt increased greatly after God revealed to Moses the things which are right and wrong and had him write them down in a book. Before this people only had their conscience and the witness of creation to show them what is right and wrong, so it was easy to do the wrong thing and not know it. But once the Law of Moses arrived those who heard it or read it were forced to make a decision: would they obey these rules or not? No longer could they claim ignorance. Their new knowledge immediately increased their moral accountability. Sin which had gone undetected before, now became obvious and sin which had been done ignorantly before now became deliberate.

Saturday: Romans 5:20
v20 (continued): This was exactly the result God desired when He sent the Law in the first place. He wanted humans to see their lives from His perspective. He wanted us to see how much sin and rebellion is present in our lives, not to be cruel, but to show us how desperately we need His mercy. The more we comprehend the depth of our sin the more we appreciate the depth of His grace. Thankfully, Christ’s sacrifice on the cross provides more power to forgive than Adam’s sin has power to condemn. The greater our burden of sin, the deeper God’s grace extends to cover it. In fact Paul says, in effect, God has given us a “super-abundance” of grace, meaning there is more than we can ever use.

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