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Our Call as a Church
Pastor Steve Schell
Mathew 28:18-20
This past Wednesday summer officially ended and autumn began. We entered a new season. For me September is really the time when a new year begins. We move from the slow, relatively relaxed pace of summer to schedules full of activity. We all probably face this change with mixed feelings, but the challenge to step back into the mainstream of life is a good one so long as we understand there‘s purpose behind what we‘re doing.

Today I‘d like to prepare for the year ahead by considering the main purpose behind what we do together as a church. What are our goals and how do we intend to reach them? Knowing the answer to these questions will help us focus our time, resources and energies on things that really matter, rather than things that don‘t. So let‘s look again at the assignment Jesus has given us and some of the ways we‘re trying to do what He‘s asked. And while you‘re listening my prayer is that God will stir up the dreams He‘s placed in your heart about how He wants you to serve Him. And hopefully you‘ll find it in yourself to joyfully rise up and embrace afresh the life to which He‘s called you (Php 3:12, 14; He 12:1).

- I have all authority
- Therefore this is what I command you to do:

1. GO
What: Intentionally seek unbelievers.

- Find a way that works for you.
- This should be done personally and corporately.

Where: Acts 1:8
- Jerusalem
- Judea
- Samaria
- Remotest parts of the earth

Steps taken:
- Local and foreign missions
- Kids‘ Club
- Sports Outreach
- Thanksgiving Outreach
- Christmas Toy Drive
- Food Pantry
- Prayer walking
- Church planting

- Baptize: initiate people into new life

- Clearly, lovingly present the demands of Christ so the Holy Spirit can convict and the person can choose.
- The new birth (repentance, faith, full surrender)
- Water baptism (public declaration of entering a life of discipleship)
- Baptism of the Holy Spirit (equipped for spiritual ministry)

Steps taken:
- Brochures
- Special services
- Careful invitations

Definition: A ”disciple“ is a person who obeys the commands of Christ.

- Teach:
a. What He has commanded us to do.
b.How to obey these commands.
- Explain
- Model
- Provide support

Steps to be taken:
- Preach through His commands.
- Learn how to live out these commands so each of us can give practical help to others.
- Provide opportunities for believers to gather and support one another.
- Remember: We need each other. Successful life change is most easily done as part of a community we learn to obey together.

Discussion Questions:
1. Have you accepted Jesus‘ call to be His disciple? When did this decision first take place?
2. Mention a time when God used you to reach out to an unbeliever.
3. Has God placed a ”dream“ in your heart about how He wants you to serve Him? If He has, would you be willing to share it with us? (Thought: When those who wish to have shared their dream it would be good to pray for them before closing).

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