Daily Bible Studies & Sermon Notes

Living Life with Purpose
Pastor Scott Dungan
1 Peter 2:5, 9, 10
1) People are looking for true purpose in their lives
2) I too was trying to discover the purpose for my life (after graduation)
3) David knew God had purpose for his life when he said “You formed my inward parts, You wove me in my mother’s womb” (Ps 139:13)
4) Jesus lived with purpose (Lk 4:18-19; Isa 61:1-2)
5) Paul knew God’s purpose for his life (Ac 26:16)
6) We too have been created for purpose—let’s look at the Scriptures to see what they say

The Priesthood of Believers (1Pe 2)
Verse 5:
1) Living Stones: stones that have been cut & dressed and ready to use in a building
• Living = that which is alive, spiritually & physically
2) Spiritual house, the sanctuary of God, the place God dwells (holy place, Holy of Holies)
• OT: the place only the priests could go, the inner court; glory of the Lord filled the house (Ex 40:34; 2Ch 7:1)
3) A holy priesthood: one who works in the temple
• OT: only the tribe of Levi; set apart from other peoples for service; a position of honor, privilege and obligation
• Unique relationship with God, come into the Lord’s presence
• Represented the nation before God and their relationship with Him
• Minister before the Lord (relationship) and on behalf of others (intercession)
4) Spiritual sacrifices: prayer, thanksgiving, praise, doing good and sharing (Heb 13:15-16), the offering of oneself (Ro 12:1)

Verse 9:
1) Chosen race: chosen people, offspring, family (Isa 43:20, 21)
• Linked to Jesus (1Pe 2:6 – the precious corner stone)
• Through union with Christ we share His status and privileges
• Israel was spoken of as the Lord’s servant (Isa 44:1) (a summons to service)
2) Royal priesthood (Ex 19:6 – kingdom of priests, holy nation; Rev 5:10 kingdom of priests to our God)
• Priests belong to & serve the king (a group of priests belonging to the king)
• Biblical meaning of priest = one who serves God and has the right of access to Him
- Direct access to God without a human mediator
- Every Christian has the right to intercede for others before God
- Popular idea – one who has the right to offer sacrifices on behalf of others
• Access in OT Israel was limited to one tribe: the Tribe of Levi
- Only one family in the tribe were the priests: the Kohathites
- All the members of the church are priests
• Note: The atoning sacrifice was offered by the high priest
3) Holy nation: ethnos = people
• Consecrated to God, belong to God in a special way that other people don’t
• Implies holy living (1Pe 1:15-16)
4) People for God’s own possession
• Implies an object of special care and special use
5) Proclaim the excellencies of Him
• Duties and service as a priest
• Is to proclaim the excellencies, declare the mighty deeds of God
• The worship of God
6) Called out of darkness
• Israel called out of Egyptian slavery and called out of Babylonian captivity
• Church is called out of slavery to sin and spiritual exile from God
7) Marvelous light
• Spiritual revelation and the shekinah glory of God

Verse 10:
1) Once were not a people, now you are the people of God
• Readers were not a people of God & were not a people = living in a corporate community
• I will say to those who were not My people, you are My people, and they will say, You are my God (Hos 2:23; Ro 9:25)
- Talks about bringing the Gentiles into a new relationship with God
2) You had not received mercy
• Hosea’s daughter name = no piety (Hos 1:6-7)
- No piety to Israel, but compassion to Judah
- Mercy = a refraining from punishment of offenders; kind or compassionate treatment; to have piety, to forgive

Teaching of the Scripture
1) Your purpose is found in relationship with Christ (given a new relationship with God)
2) Your purpose is found in relationship with God’s people (God is in the midst of His people)
3) Your purpose is found in ministering to God and the people for God

Practical steps to discover God’s purpose for your life
1) Salvation and water baptism
2) Baptism in the Spirit; need to be filled with the Holy Spirit
3) Submit to God: Lay down your own plans, submit them to the Lord
4) Develop healthy relationships (MiniChurch, LTG, women’s & men’s ministry classes)
5) Step out: Begin to minister and care for others (do the work of ministry)
6) Grow in the faith (Stephen Ministry; MiniChurch Leader Training; Ministry Training Class; School of Worship)


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