Daily Bible Studies & Sermon Notes

Staying Power
Pastor Curt Lueck
1 Kings 19:1-8
Last week I talked about the God of revival. It is God who takes the initiative to restore covenant relationship with His people. God demonstrates His power to revive His people in their commitment to Him. Unfortunately, Elijah didn't have much time to enjoy God's victory over the prophets of Baal. He returned to the capital city of Jezreel only to discover that Jezebel was more determined than ever to kill him. Just days after a powerful victory Elijah flees the city, discouraged and fearful.

Revival is great but it is no guarantee that every heart will change and submit to God. Some will always continue to resist even in the midst of a strong move of God. In fact, opposition will usually increase. The result is often discouragement for God's people. Staying power results as we push through the discouragement trusting in the faithfulness of God to sustain us in victory. Discouragement then becomes an opportunity to experience the faithfulness of a loving God.

Staying power flows out of God's faithful provision as we remain committed to His calling on our life.

1. Discouragement often follows victory.
- It's a reality we need to prepare for
- Three contributing factors that can bring discouragement:
- Unmet expectations
- Counter-attack by the enemy
- Temptation to sin

2. God faithfully provides the strength and power to stay obedient to Him.
- He doesn't respond to our self-pity
- Instead He provides what we need
- God will use angels as ministering spirits
- For those who are in Christ we also have the Holy Spirit within us

3. God renews our vision.
- God reminds Elijah that he is still the prophet of God
- Other examples of renewing vision

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