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A God of Revival
Pastor Curt Lueck
1 Kings 18:20-46
As we look at the nation of Israel throughout the Old Testament, we see a people who were consistently wandering from their covenant with the Lord. But before we get too judgmental, we should realize that the Israelites are just a mirror image of ourselves. They are just typical of the human experience in relationship to our Creator. If we are honest, every fault we observe in the people of Israel we can also see in ourselves.

But just as the weakness of the human heart is revealed so is the overwhelming love of God. Throughout the Bible we see God initiating relationship with humanity. When the human heart wanders from God, He pursues, initiating restoration and renewal.

It is God who consistently takes the initiative in restoring covenant relationship with His people.

1. The hearts of the people were divided.
- A spiritual oppression was over the land.
- Elijah challenged them to decide, but they were silent.
- Being double-minded, they didn't have the courage to reject Jezebel and the prophets of Baal.

2. God demonstrates His greatness in powerful ways to revive the hearts of His people.
- The public challenge: vs. 25-35
- Elijah sets up an altar and prepares a burnt offering.
- Similar to the offering in Leviticus 9:22-24.
- Prayer: "That they may know You are God and have turned their hearts back again."
- God responds with fire consuming the offering and the people fell on their faces and said, "The Lord He is God."

3. God also restores the blessings of the covenant, vs. 41-46
- The blessing: Rain returns to the land.
- What changed? the people's hearts.

4. A prophetic people
- The church, like Elijah, is to represent God to the people
- A God of revival.
- Know this: God has been pursuing you!

Questions for Discussion:
What are the miracles God has done in your life? What are the victories He has accomplished for you? How has the testimony of the miraculous in your life effected the people around you? 

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