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Receiving God‘s Love
Pastor Steve Schell
Psalm 139
When all is said and done it‘s not our love for God that changes us, but realizing His love for us. Most of us understand intellectually that the Bible says God loves everyone, but it‘s another revelation altogether to feel loved by Him personally. Some may never have been able to feel that love in the first place but simply claimed by faith the promises of the gospel and marched forward obediently. Others of us, however, may have started out profoundly aware of His love but then lost it along the way. Somewhere in the middle of the trials of life we fell back into familiar religious patterns having lost that real sense of being ”delighted in“ by our God. We might find our heart has grown lonely even while actively serving Him.

Of all the heroes of the Bible there are few who seem to have grasped the depth of God‘s love like David. Even his name means ”beloved one,“ and though he made severe mistakes over his lifetime, throughout all he went through, he remained firm in the conviction that God loved him. He never let go of certain truths about God and that commitment seemed to insulate him from the doubts that want to eat away at our sense of being lovable until the joy of our relationship is gone. Today in our study of Psalm 139 we‘ll look at God through David‘s eyes and, hopefully, we too will see the One who calls us ”beloved.“

What did David know about God?
1) God loved him just the way he was (vs 1-6).
- Nothing about me is hidden from You yet You‘ve laid your hand upon me (protection, blessing, calling).
- He who knows me best loves me most.
- ”God is love“ In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins.“ (1Jn 4:8, 10).
2) God would never abandon him (vs 7-12).
- You‘re with me wherever I go even into death and the life beyond.
- You‘ll lead and protect me through the greatest trials of my life.
- Darkness: overwhelming evil, loss of the comfort of God‘s presence.
3) God had a plan for his life (vs 13-16).
- God formed his mind and body while in his mother‘s womb.
- His body and mind were an amazing miracle to him.
- God had designed him to fulfill a purpose.
4) God thought about him constantly through the day and even while he slept (vs 17, 18).
- God‘s constant concern was precious proof of His love.
5) God had people who hated Him (vs 19-22).
- These also hated David without cause (Ps 25:1-3; 35:7; 69:4; 109:3; 119:161; 140:1-5).
- He refused to compromise his loyalty to God to gain their approval. Two of his greatest enemies were family (Saul, Absalom).
6) God‘s correction was to be welcomed, not feared (vs 23, 24).
- He wanted to please God and was prepared to repent of anything of which God disapproved.
- ”the kindness of God leads you to repentance“ (Ro 2:4).

What are some of the forces that eat away at our confidence in God‘s love?
1) Addictive behavior
2) Failure to achieve
3) Comparison to others
4) Rejection by others
5) Overwhelmed by the numbers
6) Worries

What happens when we lose the sense of being loved, ”delighted in“?
1) Our relationship with God degrades into attempts to earn His love.
2) Romans 9:30-33

These truths, when held onto firmly by faith, will remove the doubts about God‘s love and allow my heart to heal. (I won‘t discover God‘s love by getting my act together. I‘ll get my act together once I discover and remain in God‘s love.)

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