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Activating Hope
Pastor Corb Morgan
Often we view the New Year as an opportunity for a fresh start. We dream and make plans that we hope will come to pass. In short – new years can be a fresh opportunity for us to activate our hopes. The problem is, like a boat stuck in port, misplaced or damaged hopes can prevent us from dreaming dreams, making plans and “setting our sails of faith.” Instead, hope is to be like an anchor for our soul that ensures we can survive “life storms” and give us the confidence that no matter what – Jesus will never fail us. With properly placed hope we can confidently “sail forth” and cross over into God’s intended life of fruitfulness, blessing and inherited promises.

A. Understanding Hope
1) The Bible describes hope as an anchor for our soul (Heb 6:19)
2) What is hope? From the Old Testament… The Hebrew word for “hope” is “tiqvah” which means: “something yearned for and anticipated eagerly; something for which one waits.” (Hosea 2:14-15). From the New Testament… The Greek word for hope is “elpis” which means: “confident expectation based upon solid certainty”
3) Where does hope come from? Romans 5:1-5 / Hope comes from enduring a process…
4) The Poison called hope deferred (Proverbs 13:12)
5) Why do we need an “anchor for our souls”? Two reasons:
• To keep from drifting
• To ride out the storms of life

B. Activating our hope so that we receive God’s blessing and inherit God’s promises
1) Pressing in to perfection (Heb 6:1-8)
• The terrible risk of spiritual immaturity (vs 1-3)
• Stepping over the edge (vs 4-6)
• A fruitful life of blessing versus thorns and thistles (vs 7-8)
2) Persevering for the promises (Heb 6:9-12)
• A transformed life leads to a fruitful life (v 9-10)
• Persevering to the very end so that we inherit the promises (vs 11-12)
• What does a life that inherits the promises look like? The story of Pastor King
3) Purposing to grab hold of the promises (Heb 6:13-18)
• The original covenant promise (v 13-15) (Ge 12:1-3)
• The paralyzing effect of injured hopes / repelling the “hope stealing” birds of prey (Ge 15:8-17)
• God doesn’t lie – His blessings and promises are sealed with an oath (vs 16-18)
• What are the “promises?”
- The New Covenant Promises
- God’s promises and plans for you (Jer 29:11)
4) Partnering with the Promise Keeper (Heb 6:19-20)
• Hope is like an anchor for our soul as we ride out the storm (v 19)
- A secure and steadfast anchor holds on – no matter what!
- Anchors that will not work: the anchor of false and unrealistic expectations; the anchor of circumstance; the anchor of pride and self-sufficiency
• Hope brings us into the control room presence of our High Priest Jesus. In His presence we find forgiveness, comfort, strength and renewed faith that propel us forward

C. Activating our hope causes us to cross over into a
fruitful life
• Plot your course in the control room
• Unfurl your sails of faith
• Determine to pull up your anchor and risk crossing over into:
- Fruitfulness for God
- Gaining God’s blessing on what you do and how you live
- Inheriting His promises for you
• Setting forth on your journey – but remember, take your anchor of hope with you. You’ll need it again!

D. Questions
1) What is causing the poison of hope deferred to steal your life of blessing and promise?
2) Where are you right now?
- Needing to mature?
- Refusing to pull up anchor?
- In the midst of the storm?
3) What can you do to activate your hopes for the New Year? 

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