Daily Bible Studies & Sermon Notes

On Mission with God
Pastor Frank Greer
Luke 10:2-11
When we look at our world today, we recognize the importance for us as Christians to take part in missions. And there are many ways that we can do that. However, it is essential for us to understand that missions is not an option. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we recognize that we are under mandate, a mandate to involve ourselves in the mission of God. When we view missions from God’s perspective we begin to see that there is essentially, only one mission, the mission of God to redeem a lost humanity to Himself. Today we will view what the Scriptures have to say about the Mandate, Method, and Motive of Mission, and how we can align ourselves with God’s idea of what mission is.
1. The Mandate of Mission.
“To live under mandate is to be entrusted with a task of lasting significance. Mandates are not commands. By direct commands, we assign small errands or daily chores. A mandate, on the other hand, releases authority and responsibility to pursue endeavors of historic importance. God has entrusted to Christ, and with Him to the church, a mandate to fulfill His purpose for all of history.” (Ralph Winter)
a. Beseech the Lord of the Harvest (v 2)
- Pray for workers
b. Prepare to be the answer to your own prayer (v 3)
c. Understand that you will be at a disadvantage (v 3)
- Mission is not for the faint hearted
- There will be danger
d. If you can’t be a goer, then be a pray-er giver and sender

2. The Method of Mission
a. Don’t be encumbered (v 4)
- Debt or money
- Stuff
- Relationships
b. Practice Withness – incarnational ministry (Jn 1:14; 1Co 9:19-23)
- Eat what they eat (v 7)
- Live with them (v 7)
- Be a blessing, be “Good News” (vs 5-6)
c. Minister where there is receptivity (vs 5-7; 10-11)
- Build ongoing relationships
- Don’t hop from place to place
- Make an impact where God sends you
d. Access the power of God (v 9)
- Take a step of faith
- 3 encounters
1. Power: when people have a direct encounter with the power of God through healing, deliverance or miracles
2. Truth: when people hear and see the truth of the Gospel walked out by a believer in Christ
3. Allegiance: when a person comes to the realization that they are aligned either with themselves or someone or thing other than God and they must make a shift
3. The Motive of Mission
a. The Kingdom of God has come near you (v 9)
- It’s all about bringing the kingdom of God to them
- It’s not about me or my ministry
- It is about being “otherly minded”

Discussion Questions:
1. How do I picture myself being on mission with God?
2. Is there something more I can do?
3. What steps will I take to be on mission?


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