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The Little Book
Pastor Steve Schell
Revelation 10:1-11:13
John’s prophecies concerning the last days began in heaven’s throneroom. There we saw the Ancient of Days give a scroll to Jesus, who opened it one seal at a time. As He did the antichrist’s kingdom was allowed to arise. Next, we watched as six angels sounded their trumpets to warn the world that God’s judgment was fast approaching. But before the seventh angel will sound his trumpet, John receives another vision in which he sees a second scroll called the “little book.” This he’s told to take and eat in a manner similar to the prophet Ezekiel centuries before him (592-570 B.C.). At first the scroll tasted sweet, but after a time it grew bitter in his stomach and he knew he was being called upon to prophesy again. Immediately God begins to reveal how He would reach the nation of Israel in that generation. As we read of these startling events we’ll be reminded how committed He is to bringing that nation to know Him. It’s my opinion that the “little book” John sees contains the unfulfilled prophecies about Israel just as the scroll in the Father’s hand (5:1) contains the unfulfilled prophecies about Christ. In particular I believe the “little book” contains chapters 33-48 of the Book of Ezekiel. So we’ll rapidly cover a lot of Scripture today, but after we’re done we’ll reflect on the miracle we see at work. We’ll discover how long God remembers a promise. In human terms promises are quickly forgotten but we’ll soon see that with God that’s not true. His commitment to Abraham’s children has not been forgotten over thousands of years. When people hear His promises and believe them, a power is released which does not diminish with the passing of time. Then, finally, we’ll reflect on how this principle applies to our own prayers.
Overview of Chapters 10 and 11
10:1 Strong angel: archangel (5:2)
10:2 Little book: unfulfilled prophecies about Israel
10:3, 4 Seven peals of thunder (Jn 12:28-31)
- unbelieving ears will only hear “thunder” anyway
10:5, 6 There will be delay no longer
- the “favorable year of the Lord” (Is 61:2; Lk 4:19) is ending
- 2Pe 3:9 “. . . not wishing that any should perish”
10:7 the seventh angel
- the mystery of God is finished, as He preached to His servants the prophets (Ro 16:25, 26)
- the prophesied season of mercy which includes the Gentiles is ending
10:8-11 “I took the little book . . . and ate it”
- Eze 2:8-3:3, 10 (also: Jer 15:16)
- Prophecies concerning the restoration of Israel (Eze 33-48), the 144,000
- Sweet and bitter: when I first heard the promises I rejoiced, but when I meditated on them, and realized the human suffering involved, I became sorrowful
11:1 Measuring rod: spiritual assessment to determine protection or destruction
- Eze 40:3-5; Zec 2:1-5
- “Measure” the temple, the altar, those who worship in it
11:2 Don’t measure the court of the Gentiles
- court of priests, court of men, court of women, court of Gentiles
- antichrist conquers Jerusalem
11:2 Tread under foot the holy city
- 42 months (3 ½ years)
- Lk 21:24 “times of the Gentiles”
- Ro 11:25 “fullness of the Gentiles has come in”
11:3 Two witnesses
- 1,260 days (3 ½ years)
11:4 Two “olive trees,” “two lamp stands”
- Zec 4:1-14
- Olive trees: God will Himself supply the oil to light the lamps
- “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord of Hosts” (Zec 4:6)
- By a sovereign work of His Spirit God will relight the lamp of revelation in Israel
11:5 Fire out of their mouths
- Jer 5:14 “I am making my words in your mouth fire and this people wood, and it will consume them.”
11:6 Shut up the skies and waters to blood
- Elijah (1Ki 17:1; 18:1, 42, 45; Jas 5:17)
- Moses (Ex 7:17-24) Moses lifted up the staff and struck the water; ten plagues in Egypt
11:7 Antichrist will make war with them and kill them
11:8 Their dead bodies will lie in a street in Jerusalem for 3 ½ days
11:9 All the world will watch
11:10 These two prophets tormented those who “dwell on the earth”
- No rain (Zec 14:17-19) on those who do not go up to Jerusalem to worship
11:11 Resuscitation after 3 ½ days
11:12 “Come up here”: raptured
11:13 Great earthquake: 1/10 of city fell; 7,000 people killed; rest terrified
The Little book: God’s Plan for Israel (Eze 33-48) Summary:
33 Watchman
34 God’s shepherd
35 Edomites destroyed
36 Israel gathered, cleansed, born-again, obedient, growth in numbers
37 Vision: bones, muscles, flesh, breath, unified under the son of David
38 War with Gog and nations aligned with him
38:19-22 God destroys invading armies
39 Israel burns weapons for seven years and buries dead for seven months
39:21 The nations fear Israel’s God
39:22 Israel recognizes the hand of God
39:29 God pours out His Spirit
40:42 Temple rebuilt
43 Spirit enters the Temple
43:13-27 Temple worship reinstated
44 Priesthood restored
45 Land set aside for priests and government officials
46 Weekly, monthly, daily observances restored
47:8 A fresh water river irrigates the Arabah and freshens the Dead Sea
47:13-23 Boundaries for the new nation
48 Boundaries set for tribes and a parcel of sacred land
Question: Why does God do all this for Israel?
- Ro 11:25-32 they are “beloved for the sake of the fathers” (11:28)
- The promises of God do not wear out over time
- He never forgets even when the generation to which He made the promise dies
- Dt 7:6-10
- Abraham Ge 17:7
Does this principle still apply to us today?
- Yes, the key element is faith
- Mk 11:23, 24
- Vs 24: “. . . all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them and they will be granted to you”
- Ge 15:6
Praying in Faith
- The prayer spoken in true faith always brings fruit
- True faith fills our heart only after we’ve heard God speak a promise to us
1) Seek God until you hear His Word (let Him tell you what to pray)
2) Pray His Word
3) Endure over time by thanking Him for keeping His promise to you
4) Obey what He tells you to do in this matter (He 11)
1) Has God ever made a promise to you? Tell us how you know. How long did you have to wait or are you still waiting?
2) Did someone pray for you before you became a Christian?
3) Are there family or friends for whom you are standing in faith?


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