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The Lamb and the Lion
Pastor Steve Schell
Revelation 5:1-7
There are many prophecies about Jesus Christ that have not yet been fulfilled. When He ascended into heaven 2,000 years ago He left many undone. This is why on the very day He returned to heaven His disciples were still asking Him, “Lord is it at this time you are restoring the kingdom to Israel?” (Ac 1:6). They had read the Scriptures and they knew there was much more for Him to do. Yet He told them the timing of those prophetic events wasn’t something they could know but instead they should rest assured that the Father would fulfill these promises in His own time (Act 1:7). Anyone who has studied the Bible knows why the disciples were confused. From His birth to His ascension Jesus fulfilled many prophecies but He also refused to fulfill others. Why? As we look again today at the Book of Revelation we’ll discover the answer to this great mystery.

A. Advent
Today we are in the second weekend of the season of Advent. In this portion of the church year leading up to Christmas believers stir up their hearts to expect the coming of the Lord. The biblical word for this emotion is “hope.” As we think of Christmas we naturally remember the first coming of Christ born as a baby in Bethlehem. The incarnation of the Son of God was the first “advent” (coming). But today we are still awaiting for His promised return. As we see a darkening world around us our hearts still burn with hope.

B. The book (Rev 5:1)
Unfinished prophecies . . . so many of them that both sides of the scroll have to be used to write them all. Daniel’s prophecies are central but there are a great number that describe His second coming.
Luke 24:25-27

C. The Mystery (Rev 5:5, 6)
Unless you understand that God planned two “advents” you will not understand why Jesus did not fulfill all the prophecies spoken about Him.
1) First advent: He came as a lamb to atone for our sins so that when He comes as a lion the second time He will not be forced to condemn to hell the entire human race.
2) Second advent: He will come a second time as a lion to judge the wicked, destroy His enemies and inaugurate an era of righteous government and even harmony in nature.

D. The Lion, the Root, the Lamb (Rev 5:5, 6)
Lion/Ge 49:8-12
Root/Isa 11:1
The Lamb
- Seven horns/11:4b (warrior)
- Seven eyes/11:2-4a (judge) seven Spirits
- Harmony in nature/11:6-9
- Spiritual confusion and deception gone/11:9
- Believing Jews restored/11:10-16

E. Sealing Israel (Rev 7:1-3)
Before the day of God’s wrath arrives (Rev 6:17)
Before the book is fully opened (Rev 8:1) and the Deliverer arrives
Rev 7:1-3: seal the bondservants of our God on their forehead (Eze 9:1-11), so my wrath will not come upon them.

F. All Israel
Ro 11:1-5 - a remnant of true believers
Ro 11:7-15 - those chosen and those hardened (their violent rejection drove the gospel out to the Gentiles)
Ro 11:23 - believers grafted in again
Ro 11:25 - fullness of the Gentiles
Ro 11:26 - all Israel will be saved (Jewish believers)
Ro 11:28 - the promises God made to their believing ancestors causes Him to continue to reach out to them in a special way

G. 144,000 (Rev 7:4-8)
- A great number of Jews will confess Yeshua as their lamb and lion
- Epicenter, Joel Rosenberg pp. 200-201 (Tyndale, 2006)

H. A Great Multitude (Rev 7:9-14)
A great multitude of Gentiles waiting to celebrate “Palm Sunday” and cry out “blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord” (Lk 19:38; Ps 118:26)

I. Application
It is God’s mercy that prevented Jesus from fulfilling all the prophecies concerning Him. He sent Him first as a lamb so the sin of the world might be paid for and a way of escape from hell provided for those who repent and believe. But when He comes the next time, He will be a warrior and judge. Next time He’ll be the Lion of God.

J. Questions
1) Name some of the prophecies Jesus fulfilled when He came to earth 2,000 years ago.
2) Name some of the prophecies that Jesus has not fulfilled yet.
3) When Jesus was asked to speak in the synagogue of His hometown Nazareth, He read Isaiah 61:1, 2 but He stopped reading in the middle of verse 2 (Lk 4:16-21), compare Isaiah 61:2 with Lk 4:19 and explain what Jesus was telling the people by the words that He left out.
4) Why do those who know Jesus as a lamb have no fear of Him as a lion?

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